Sysadmins Say Greatest Network Security Threat is Stupid Users



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I think the sysadmins had a hard time, because you can't ban the IT employees as they're be some newbies. The solution is not improving their Internet security, but constant meeting with employees to realize the risks of social networks exposure does.



find and use a random number/digit generator, make one 51 digits long.

ok, now print it out, and erase all tracks of it.

Now, redo passwords on sites to that digit, starting at different numbers, like facebook = 4th digit, and do at least 8 digits, more is better.When you get to the end, wrap around.

You now have the most secure password.

like, not your dogs name, or house address.

You'd be suprised after useing it for a few months, you'll know the whole thing, getting a lost PW is just starting at different locations.

and very difficult to "crack"

they do that with your home info :p



OMG, that's an amazing idea! I personally use combinations of different passwords, but thats a great idea for valuable things!






If a Furby can pose a threat too national security; so can net noobtards.




Does anyone know of a company which will put together a set of security tests for a corporation's users?  I've been looking, but haven't been very lucky.  I've seen all the ones which are available online, but they either don't cover enough areas (various phishing techniques, different ways to recognize spam, spoofed links, malware, viruses, etc.) or they don't actually show the user what is suspect and why something is unsafe.  Plus, utilizing these freely available tests for a company would almost certainly be illegal.

If you work for a company which does something like this, post a link to your website and I'll check it out.  Please do not post an email address, since I'm not going to simply contact a person without knowing who they work for, which is why I'm also not posting my own email address.




 "there are no stupid programs, only stupid people"

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