Synology's New DS212j NAS Box Targets Home Users



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i believe this is gonna be a great product. ive been needing an affordable NAS as my old school buffalo linkstation is showing its age. make sure you guys do a review ASAP. i look forward to it



The synology hardware is the best, I recommend it a lot to many of my clients who have a lot of data they cant back up onto the cloud.



I have one of these with two WD 3TB drives inside. It is the best backup solution I've ever used. Only one issue with it, there should have been more vents, the box gets hot even with green drives that spin down, so I now use it with the L-shaped cover OFF the box. It doesn't look as pretty, but it lives inside my makeshift network closet at home so it doesn't have to look the part, just do it's job.



It may be a backup but with still using mechanical HDDs that are constantly on it can fail just as easily as any other HDD you have. I do my best to keep my important files (pictures, movies, music) on multiple drives in case of a drive failure but I still worry about them. What I wish we had was reasonably priced dual-layer Blu Ray burners, then I could archive my digital photos evey so often to media that could survive stuff that the HDD can't.


Brad Chacos

Hey Obsidian,

Thanks for chiming in! I think you may have the slightly older DS211j -- this model (the DS212j) was just launched today, according to Synology's press release. It sounds like they heard your venting complaints, too:

Synology introduces DS212j with a brand-new enclosure design that provides improved functionalities and aesthetic appeal to its users. It features two additional side ventilation openings and a larger 92mm rear fan that enhance heat dissipation with its elevated overall airflow to keep the system running cool 24/7



You're right. I had to find the cover to confirm it's not exactly the same thing. Only barely different. It works very well, the DS211j. I had never owned any Synology products until that one. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a setup-and-forget-about-it backup solution.

That explains why I've been running it for months now and this new product is released. With the price of hard drives on the rise I'm glad I purchased when I did.

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