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Synctoy is very good, but it cannot do sync remotely. I know a small (1.8M) free util from that can do remote folder sync easily. It offers some unique features:

  • works across the internet, even behind home router.
  • I can sync folders with my friends
  • I can browse the source folder remotely before I decide to sync. Thumnail, slideshows are all generated on-the-fly, I can even listen to the mp3 online.
  • I can set an include/exclude for each sync task.
  • I can monitor the sync status and start/stop sync remotely.
  • I can use the built-in vnc to remote-control my computer.

 I bet you will like gbridge.



Thanks for the suggestion to try Gbridge.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



Been using SyncToy for years and each new version brings much needed changes. Renaming Folder pairs, for instance, is great - along with dynamic drive lettters. It makes my daily backups at work a breeze!



I've been using Sync Toy for about a year now on XP.  It's got to be one of the best pieces of software to come out of Microsoft -- probably because a few guys wrote it as a side project without all the beureaucratic bozos ruining it. I'm glad they added the functions of folder pair renaming and dynamic drive letter re-assigning, as they were my only minor gripes with the beta versions.

I have thousands of photographs, podcasts and MP3 files in a lot of places on my main system and going to/from my Zune.  I would go crazy if I had to find them manually and take them to work.   To make sure they are all "synced", with my work computer every week I use Sync Toy to quickly sync my portable WD Passport drive.  Then I do another sync from the WD Passport drive to my work computer.  Then I have 3 sets of file all synced, with just a few keystrokes!

For really important files that I can't lose, I don't do a 2 way sync, but do a "Contribute" (a one way sync without deletions).  That prevents deleting any important files during a 2 way sync, if one was accidentally deleted. 

 Sync Toy is not a Toy.  It's really a great program.  And it's free!

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