Symantec's Spins Faster Performance in New Norton 360 Release, Launches Official User Forum



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I have been running Norton 360 on three computers for the last couple of months, and there seems to be some significant problems would-be users ought to know about before they make the leap!

 #1: 360 (version 3.0) was so poorly debugged that some menu options take you somewhere else entirely.  Go ahead, download a trial copy, and select: 'Comprehensive Scan'  Who would have guessed this button would take you to 'Backup Settings?'  There may be a way to get to the 'Comprehensive Scan' menu (no, it isn't under the 'backup' button), but I haven't found it yet.  I would have thought a major glitch like this would have been patched long ago, but aparantly Symantec hasn't gotten around to it just yet.

#2: Yesterday some sort of programming error was entered during the routine Live Update.  It results in a "Symantec Service Framework encountered a problem and needed to close" error message, after which Norton 360 stopped responding.  24 hours later, and still no patch to this latest 'undocumented feature.'  The 'one step support' no longer works either.  So after a long hold a nice gentleman a long way away explained that the program must be uninstalled, and the prefetch and temp files manually deleted.  So far the clean install seems to be working, but only after a significant pain in the a$$. 

Is it just me (I have been using Norton products since the original Norton Utilities) or has their quality control really slipped?



ESET Smart Security 4. These two should go head to head...



I've been trying to convince clients of Symantec product's worth for quite a while now. This version's speed and foot print is much like the last two. They have cleaned up their act a while ago already. People just refuse to believe it.

Kudos, Symantec!



For any body that has put up with Norton in the past they should get a free 1 year trial to say thankyou.



i used to absolutely hate anything norton for reasons everyone knows. i decided to give 360 v2.0 a try since i was reading so many good things.

all i got to say is WOW. it was fast, didn't take long to install, runs really well and caught all the junk i thew at it all while not slowing down my machine or being a resource hog like the old versions of norton anything. so if 2.0 runs amazing, i can't imagine how 3.0 is going to be. 

 give it a shot naysayers... 



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