Symantec Warns of Worm Spreading through Yahoo Messenger



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Yahoo exploitation among many, is a hobby taken on by a great many lamers. Everything from name cracking to booting and cookie exploitation goes on day in and day out. 80% of Yahoo chat is overrun with robots and spambots. Yahoo inc. themselves seem to not care about the users. There is also a thriving blackmarket of endless booter sites such as viprasys that exploit these weaknesses. Yahoo has to be an exercise in futility since Yahoo Inc. is very slow to react when it comes to patching holes or providing assistance to their clients. In adittion Yahoo security or indeed customer service is fairly insulated from the common user, getting ahold of anyone at yahoo to correct anything itself is nigh impossible. Yahoo Inc. itself seems to not care. Posting anything to the official Yahoo Messenger Blog to highlight such problems is summarily dismissed and deleted from the blog since it just casts a negative light on Yahoo's shining jewl. In spite of all this they still get awards for their exploitable chat system. Bots, sex spam, booters, crackers you name it always have the upper hand, users keep being punished while the bad elements get away scott free with extra lulz. In ten years of using yahoo chat, all I've seen are users being abused and punished from all sides, all the while Yahoo Inc. turns a blind eye.

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