Symantec Study Finds Most Online Users are Victims of Cybercrime



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I swear, the number and severity of Symantec's "studies" just keep growing and growing and gorwing... Why? Because they are facing EXTINCTION by free anti-Virus software! So what do they do? Try to create new customers by scaring the shirt off of them.

BTW, IF Symantec is one of the leaders of anti whatever and this number of people are getting scammed, shouldn't Symantec be SUED for their products NOT protecting people?

MPC, PLEASE, PLEASE stop publishing corporate "studies" unless there are at least TWO independent studies NOT CONNECTED to the company that give the same results. Its called a NON BIASED study, nothing to do with this bullcrap!




Of all the anti-virus/anti-malware solutions I've used, I'd say "passively accepting" is the perfect way to describe Norton's products.  A sieve comes to mind.  The New Orleans levy system had fewer breaches.  OK, maybe I'm being a bit hyperbolic for effect.



I completely agree! symantec & norton fail

my free security software 'toolbox' includes 64-bit Microsoft Security Essentials ... MalwareBytes ... Look In My PC ... HiJack This . . . AND due diligence + common sense + hardening during initial install + Trendnet wired router with default deny rule for incoming connections that actually works . . . Oh wait none of that last part classifies as a 'software' lol. mea culpa!

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