Symantec Releases Public Beta of Norton Internet Security 2010 and AntiVirus 2010



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All past versions sucked, consumed resources and in plain english, did not prevent anything!! Worked on a laptop yesterday, with it all up to date and running and active subscription, and sitll had a bunch of rogue spyware apps on it. I thought its suppossed to remove and block these things.

Use VIPRE, the best I have ever used, against other free and pay apps. NOD32 is good, but this program is just even greater, blocks anything bad form even writing to the hard drive the first time it trys to. You wont even know its running!! Scans descritly, a lot of custom control, such as if it blocks something thats not bad, move to the always allow area. I found it hard to do with Norton products.



Still won't make me switch from Avira.



Though most realatives computers I fix have Norton AV that causes problems like a virus, slows down their entire system, and is almost always expired and still consuming resources, I may actually try this. They look like they want to turn this behemoth system around, and Ill be glad to support them on this by trying the beta.



Sorry, but after years of garbage software, It'll take more than one good version to get me back to Norton.

I'll stick with NOD32.




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