Symantec Ranks Among World's Most Ethical Companies for Six Straight Years



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I Remember my first pc as a kid, W95 also with Symantec's antivirus installed. My dad had purchased the one year protection plan and 6 months later, we were bombarded with warnings from the antivirus that our protection plan had ran out on time and we had to purchase another one year plan to keep protected. This happened to us twice before we switched.



Is this because they don't aggressively bundle dumbed-down versions of their software to commonly used programs, like Flash, and instead keep that "debauchery" to simply bloatware on new PCs?


Renegade Knight

I used to love Symantec. They were the first company that used server based key authorization to allow a product to work. Their system wasn't' perfect and the software would tell me. "Sorry but you aren't protected". They would roll out a patch or some hack to make it work right. Happened enough times to where I dropped them and never looked back.



I have to question their methods. Intel got a record fine for their unethical business practices. In all fairness Intel may have turned around, but it still makes me question Ethisphere's methods.


John Pombrio

Too bad that they used scare tactics , dubious statistics, and plain fear mongering to sell their products. Is that what an ethical company does?

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