Symantec: Only 8 Percent of Email is Legit



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yeah, but the spam i get now is pretty convincing, like I got this one email by "Hotmail" I almost clicked on the link thinking it was something from hotmail, but luckily I know that any mail from hotmail is by "Windows Live Team", but for everyone else, they would got trapped.



Don't sweat it Symantec... we all know theres only 8% of useful code in any one of your bloated products as well. So "it's all good" right?



I would really have to question where and how they got their numbers. This sounds to me like just another stupid marketing tactic to sell their useless spam filter.



 I have deep suspicions of ALL the data about SPAM, indentity theft, malware, spyware, etc. The numbers are just so large that they are beyond belief.

Who generates these numbers? Why, the companies themselves who benefit from scaring the general public into purchasing their products of course.

 Now if these company's products REALLY WORKED, these numbers would be a lot lower right? By their own admission of these astronomically high numbers, what they are really saying is that their products DO NOT WORK! I smell a class action lawsuit somewhere. Paying high prices for software that does not do it job by the companies own statistics!


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