Symantec: Majority of Americans Struggle with Basic Computing Tasks



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The Norton PC Checkup is worthless.  I analyzed it several weeks ago and it missed several important configurations on my Windows Vista Ultimate (32bit) PC.

I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed on my PC which was prompted by the lack of protection I received when useing an "Advanced" virus protection suite from Symantec.  Norton PC Checkup warned me that I had no antivirus installed even though I had Microsoft Security Essentials running during the scan.  I might add that the Microsoft AV product (free by the way) will catch, prevent and/or remove the nasty Alureon visrus from your PC.  No such luck with Norton.  I have witnessed the Alureon virus run for hours or days before Norton picked up on it and then, Norton could not remove it.

Norton PC Checkup also listed hundreds of vulnerabilites on my PC, the vast majority of which were beningn browser cookies.  The worst part of this list was that you could not view more than 3 items on this list because Norton wants you to purchase thier service before they show you what your trouble might be.  This sounds suspiciously like the Alureon virus itself, which begs you to purchase an anit-virus suite to clean your machine.  Symantec may be learing some marketing from the viruses it persues.

I decided not to purchase this "Scareware" from Norton since its sole purpose seemed to be to generate income from misinformation.  Its intent seems to be to scare the average user in to purchaseing something its advance PC suite should already be doing.  I am steering all my home PC customers to Microsoft Security Essentials and my customers have been protected from viruses ever since.  With Symantec, whose practice of fix PC after infection generally doesn't work and leaves people vulnerable to the worst Internet and day zero exploits.

I am not being paid by MS for this analysis.  I am just a frustrated system admin whose experience with Symantec has soured my opinion of them.  The prices keep going up for thier products but the protection keeps going down.  MS Security Essentials has been reviewed favorably by CNet and many other organizations against many PC Security suites and this mirrors my experience.

Many PC enthusiasts claim that MSE doesn't provide a firewall.  While this may be true, Windows does have a firewall.  Additionally, Symantec's and Microsoft layer 3 firewall is not understood my most of it's users and so renders this complaint moot.  Symantec's firewall can be extremely frustrating.  For example, after installing Norton 360 on my PC, Norton determined that email was a security threat AFTER several weeks and blocked access to all POP3 email by turing off the IP ports automatically (and without notification) for this service.  It took me several days to determine that it was Norton that blocked access to email and several more hours to figure out how to restore the service because of Norton's crazy user interface.



I thought Windows Vista & 7 both had automatic defragging and a built-in—enabled-by-default firewall.



Hey now, its these people that keep the IT industry alive.



 Good enough for the uninformed, better than nothing.  Oddly it doesn't recognize Avast and PCTools firewall.

*** "Either we conform the Truth to our desires or we conform our desires to the Truth." ***



I never defragment my hard-drive because of bad experiences in the past with Windows XP. Everytime I defragmented that computer, there'd always be a Blue-screen-of-death after a restart. And I'd have to re-install the entire OS. And this was every single time.



theres just 1 thing that can make sense for this "new"... ORLY?



In other breaking news, grass is still green and the sky is still blue.



Yeah, no suprise here. People seem to know what they know and when things change or if they need to learn something new, they often feel like they have been thrown in the deep end without ever knowing how to swim.



Yeah, exactly. Most people see their computers like their cars. They wash it every six months and if lucky, change the oil every 2-3 years or so. Forget about getting a tune-up.



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