Swedish File Sharer Receives $7 Per Track Fine



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Its insane to think that million dollar fines help anybody.

They will NEVER be paid. If you had millions of dollars, you wouldn't have been downloading

in the first place.


I believe the most fair suggestion was that the fine should be the exact value of the track to download legally.

I believe itunes currently charges .99c US currency for most tracks. X number of tracks times .99c=  your fine

you would save fortunes in legal fee's and court battle's with a reasonable fine system. As well, it would be more likely to be paid if it was a reasonable amount.



It's about damned time... THere is no reason to go after any person and asses on them fines that equate to "everything is ruined forever because you made a copy!" remember at one time RIAA claimed that pirate music, if everyone who shared files was fined according to what the corpocracy wanted, equated to more money that exists on all of Earth.

This seemes perfectly rational to asses as a fine for an illegal act. it's not like this guy, or 99.999% of file sharers, have unveiled corporate trade secrets or invalidated millions of dollars in investments through file sharing. now if they are leaking material that is pre-release (musically or theatricall) or linked to a companies desgn process (industry) that's different, but treating grandma like a somali pirate for downloading bob dylan is just obscene.



If he shared with only a few people that's an appropriate fine. If he shared with hundreds or thousands of people that is way to low.

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