Swedish Authorities Finding it Difficult to Sink Pirate Bay from Internet



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If TPB is killed (however unlikely), more will take its place (Mininova, isoHunt, etc.)




TPB is one of if not THE worst torrent site in the world. EVERY FUCKING FILE on that web site either has a destrictive trojan or a bot net bug in it. I dont think anyone who knows a single thing about illegal files has DLed from there in ages. There are plenty of of outlets for torrents that dont have the rampent infections this site does and that are a lot faster. There not in the news because there not popular like TPB and thats part of the reason they arnt just virus factories. The only people beafiting from TPB are the ones who sell DDoS attacks. If you DL from teh TPB your a fking tool.



Every F**** File? My movies, software, tunes, etc are FREE FROM COST AND VIRUSES! It doesn't get any better than TPB.  If you don't know how to tell a safe torrent from a shady one let me offer one word of advice....Comments. Read the comments and people will inform you if the software works/a false positive virus/great quality/etc.

I find it idiotic about your childish ranting against TPB. This site accounts for over 50% of all torrents and the web traffic far exceeds any other torrent sites. Take your DOS attacks and botnets and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

 Long live The Pirate Bay

A day without laughter is a day wasted...


I Jedi

I’m happy to see that The Pirate Bay is entrenched in a guerilla warfare with the MPAA and other companies out there. Personally, I support them because I think it’s awesome that they’re not bowing down, even after a court order and being kicked out of their former ISP. I also kind of support them because of company practices of fucking their customers over with ridiculous terms, etc. Though, I suppose if you don’t want to buy their products, you aren’t forced to. Hm. Anyways, good job TPB. Keep up the hard work and fight them everywhere you go.



Long Live TPB



 "Swedish Authorities Finding it Difficult to Sink Pirate Bay from Internet"


No really? Really now? Oh wow they thought they could kill TPB.


Pssssst Swedan i got a bridge to sell you....



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