Swann's PenCam Will Help You Be a Better Stalker



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No HD in 2012? I couldn't support that.

The idea of the news site is to give me all the info I need to know right here, as opposed to forcing me to scour the internet for it myself. This is especially useful when one can reliably get to MaximumPC.com but not the links that are often in articles, which leads to a habit of not clicking the link.

I was also hoping that these pens wouldn't be something that is marketed as being awesome but actually being crap, like many things on ThinkGeek tragically are. The site doesn't have reviews and is sparse on information so I suspected, but their Bluetooth watch and Bracer of Battery Life +2 are infamous.



Tragic, the "HD" pencam only captures video in 1280*720. Technically that's HD, but seeing as how that's an inferior resolution to my backup monitor, a 5+ year old 4:3 1280*1024 VGA-only Acer AL1714 LCD, I have to scoff at it.

My phone also records video at 1080p. But hey, this is still a cool product. I wish it were cheaper though, 100 bucks for 45 minute bursts of 720 HD is rather pricey.



You do know that these types of pens have been on ebay for several years now, right?



Can you record while having the USB plug charged into a power source, not necessarily a PC or another device which would seek to interact with the PenCam, but something that just supplies USB power?

Because 45 minutes isn't that much in terms of surreptitious recording. Also, where is the lens on this thing? Can it record relevant video while clipped in a pocket, or is it like other products where the top of the pen houses the lens so having the pen in a front pocket would only capture video of the user's chin and the ceiling?



If you would have clicked on the link you would have seen that the lense is on the front just above the clip, so no chin footage, unless someone short stands right in front of you while recording. Also note the non HD version will record for 90 minutes.

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