Swann's DIY Alarm Offers Home Security on the Cheap



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This is great! Did this just come out on the market? I live in San Mateo, California which is a decent neighborhood but we've had a few break-ins recently. My husband and I are thinking of taking a vacation to the Bahamas soon but he's paranoid about leaving the house vacant (we'll be gone for about 10 days) and I'm trying to convince him to go... I started looking into a few home security systems but nothing really struck my attention (they were either too expensive or too much effort). But $30-$40 dollars is awesome! I recently read that noise is one of the two biggest deterrents for burglars since they don't want to get caught. Obviously the more expensive systems are better but not everyone can afford them, like myself. Hopefully the alarms will be enough because I live in an apartment. The only thing that worries me is if the alarm malfunctions and it doesn't go off...Anyone had any problems with this???

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