Survey: Teens Love iPhones, Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones



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Not 1 of my Skullcandy earbuds ever lasted over 2 months, because the cord will always short-out. I guess the only reason i ever bought them were because they looked good and were cheap...perfect excuse for your typical teenager to go out and buy a set.



I'm 19 and out of high school. I realized that the people who were in high school with me were not the smartest bunch. Unfortunately, 2 years after graduating, people the same age as me have not improved much. Its just how this world works. Hence why apple is popular. Its not as well done as my android phone, but its shiny.



I actually agree with you. Many around your age are two swayed by what appears to be the coolest or has the most swagg factor. And there isn't too many places you can go or be there too long before you run across someone or something acting like Apple was the original inventor of everything that exists in technology. You'd think Steve Jobs was Alexander Graham Bell.



In general and as a 20yr old I find it sad how poorly music is handled these days. Not in a snobby way but the fact that music is butchered so much with poor mastering, the loudness wars and low quality formats.

Also, I've tried so hard to get people I know to invest in some proper headphones such as Denons, Audio Technica etc. But everyone just wants Beats because they're cool.

Personally I find the best mix, then the best format for that mix and rip it to FLAC; whether from HR Download, CD, DVD-A/DVD-V, BD-A/BD-V, SACD, Vinyl or Reel-Reel. Adding tags in MP3Tag & ReplayGain in Foobar.

For Home use I play the FLAC back lossless/bit-perfect via Foobar > Wasapi > HDMI > AV Receiver > Speakers or Denon Headphones.

For Portable I create 24/44.1 versions in Saracon and encode to MPEG-4 AAC @ 320Kbps VBR for playback on a Sony Device with Bang & Olufsen Earphones.

Naturally, not everyone wishes to go through all this as an audiophile like myself would, it would make it easier if companies offered Hi Res Downloads, RedBook Downloads, plus an M4A/AAC and/or MP3 version; all sourced from well-mastered studio copies.



That's because teens are completely brainless sheep that follow the fad, i mean "trend", of what's "hot" and "keep up with the jones's" as far as "needing" to have the most expensive shiny crap they can get their mommy and daddy to buy them, and then have the gall to throw tantrums on social networks like a 1 year old if they don't get their CrApple product or 'new' car for their birthday or christmas. basically idiiot parents that prefer to throw money at their kid rather than actually be a parent. "Sorry son, but if you want that iphone/ipad, you'll need to get a part time or full time job while you're in high school to pay for it, that includes not getting grades below a B on everything. you'll earn it and appreciate it a helluva lot more than if it's just given to you."

(this applies to any device, not just a apple product..)



As a teenager myself (of 17 years), it annoys me to see ignorance run rampant with regards to technology. Oh well, it happens, no use freaking out over it. I mean, yea, it is rather unfortunate, but I can't expect everyone to care about the same things as I do.


Duck Dodgers

I don't understand why you all are acting like you were never a teenager before. Kids don't care about sound reproduction or which OS their phone is running...because they don't have to. That doesn't mean shite to a kid. Kids just wanna be seen and heard, including most of you when you were a kid. This story is troll bait.



I cared about sound quality when I was younger.

It's mostly just Kids Nowdays. Especially the ones who know not to stay the hell off a man's yard.



Breaking news: Teens found to like things that are heavily advertised and viewed as status symbol/trendy! This breakthrough will surely send shock-waves through the business world!



They are conditioning them to seek status earlier in life every day. These things are status symbols, and everyone wants to "look" like they're the uppercrust.

Status can't be bought or sold, but the hoi polloi think it can be and are happy to give their money for something only earned.

Just my two cents.



Sadly most people today care more about the way they look listening to music than how accurately the music is reproduced.

Beats are the furthest thing from accurate music reproduction. They may sound nice to some with a narrow selection of music, but that's because they exaggerate bass-response to the point of incredulousness. I don't understand that. When I listen to bass-heavy music I'd rather hear the bass as it was intended...not some muddy shit that vibrates on my head. I would only personally recommend headphones like this to people that drive obnoxiously subwoofered cars that you can hear coming three blocks away. They're not listening to the music; they're just trying to be noticed and/or seeing if they can rattle their windshields loose.



I call those things "neutron cars."



Most of them. I'm sane enough not to get those overpriced beats that are just cheap headphones with loud speakers and popularity.



This makes me embarrassed to be 19.






I'm a teenager (17) and this makes me absolutely sick.



As a much older person, my advice is to save your outrage for something that really matters in life.



lol @ Beats. Overpriced garbage headphones. Audio technica, Sennheiser, or Klipsch, take your pick. Way better than beats.

Teens don't know anything.


Hg Dragon

The SteelSeries Siberia V2's I bought sound better than any pair of Beats I tried. But they don't have Dr. Dre's name on them, so I must be wrong.

As if teens today really know anything about Dre...



LoL, Beats are garbage. I have so many cousins who bought into the Beats hype and now they regret painfully. At $300 Beats ain't cheap but for a little more you can pick a quality headphone from Sennheiser, AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic that will blow Beats back into the stone age.



You sir, are absolutely correct. I actually happened to be talking w/ our A/V vendor that does high end A/V installs for corporations, churches and small businesses. They indicated for the price you can get significantly better quality sounding headsets. They mentioned Beats have a high amount of bass and that's about it. I was actually surprised because if you ever read the "story" about Beats from Dre, you would think differently. Just goes to show that marketing is king.



so teens love crap? YOU DONT SAY!!! AHAH (half kidding) The only part im not kidding about are the BEATS. So many better sounding headsets out there for like half the price. My audio-technicas blow those out of the water...but then again those dont have a celebrity endorsement.



Teenagers are hipsters. Got it.



iKiddies, what can you say! Apple headsets are so inferior but I bet most of the iKiddies have not ever tried good quality headsets which is strange as they will overpay for an Apple phone but then choose cheap inferior headsets.

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