Survey Shows IT Budgets on the Rise as Jobs Head Offshore



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The sad fact is that the largest contributing factor to american jobs going overseas is the united states federal government - and it goes back numerous administrations. It started well before Clinton, yet Clinton was the largest contributor towards it. Also noting that every administration has contributed towards this problem since the 70's - all parties.

This is even a united states national security issue. That foreign citizens (and yes naturally even foreign governments) have all kinds of access to our tech - even when technically it is supposed to be considered a secret. Even planes costing hundreds of millions, and ships costing billions are "extremely reliant" upon tech that is ONLY made overseas.

america sold out a long time ago



It's those Teamster Unions that are driving all of those tech jobs overseas.  lol



Isn't it great when people try to pull facts and stats out of a hat about companies such as Microsoft.

Consider the following... Microsoft's share in the overall operating system market - about ninety percent. Or perhaps the numbers of companies that use other Microsoft companies in (about) their daiily operations? Then there are the numerous devices which - since they don't have an "app" for progams like office (powerpoint, word, etc...) that are essentially toys.

Ironically for all of the Apple/Mac people out there who also insist the prices are so high due to the quality of the (eerrr) hardware... Look at where the Ipads are made and how many people Mac employes overseas. Considering the above mentioned marketing numbers (also published elsewhere) consider that Mac employs more than Microsoft overseas.

I'll stick with my tri-boot quad core laptop at 4.9ghz X4. The closest that Mac can offer isn't even half of that.



AS soon as some big political/religeous event/war happens oversea's, the shit it gonna hit the fan in the US.  And the odds are always pretty high of something like that happening over there.

BTW... Does the US still issue Visa's? If so, why?



yup H1B visa's are still issued - cap is 65,000 a year- no cap to those with Masters degree and above,

also exempt are any contractors working for a university or research firm

so there are well over 100,000 issued yearly

all the while us staff are made redundant

pretty sweet huh

microsoft is still one of the main users of the program



As many Tech types as there are in unemployment lines (many from jobs going oversea's), that's just wrong...



what a strange title- it leads one to think there is a cause and effect model- yet in reality there is not.

IT budgets have to rise as win xp is eol and the enterprise must gear up to move to win 7

they are also rising as the offshore salary cost is close to the onshore cost now, the reasont to continue is no pension hit to the enterprise. THe hidden cost is also not figured into it- most companies now demand that first line support is handled by the business departments via "super users" only then can the help desk be contacted for second line -off shore- support.

deskside support in the enterprise? what's your grade level?

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