Survey Says: New Yorkers the Most Addicted to Email



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They always leave you with more questions than answers. Like:

How do they know if their "addicts" are not just people who are addicted to work, and NY just happens to have a higher concentration of jobs that use email??

How many of those people put their work email to private use? (So they are really checking both work and personal email.)  I'd imagine a fair number of blackberry users could fall into this category.

I check my email 2-3 times a day and have my IM client checking it, when I'm surfing the web.  Am I an addict?

If I rarely get email, outside of SPAM [or just a lot of SPAM]--and I still check it, does that count?

If I'm selling on eBay, does checking for messages on my auctions count as "work?"

When people check their email in the bathroom, is that because they don't want to be caught doing non-work things?  Do they wash their phone after?  [filthy bastards...]

Are people who are email addicts for some reason more likely to volunteer for a survey than people who are not?  [this one's the best ---I love messing w/the study criteria]    ;)



How do they know they're New Yorkers? Is it by IP, or by what people say when they register? Because New York is a pretty commonly chosen area when people make BS accounts.

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