Survey: More than a Third of Women Addicted to Facebook



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Women love facebook because it's like a stream of gossip.  Men typically don't care about gossip, but women eat it up.  For some reason, people feel uninhibited revealing things on facebook that they wouldn't reveal if sitting with a group of people.  That's all juicy gossip.

Social networking is such a misnomer.  A massive percentage of social interaction is in facial expressions and body language.  But social networking has none of that.  It's more narcissism than anything. 



The end of society is coming... and apparently that's a freaking awesome thing for guys! (and lesbians) Not so much for those chicks who facebook-friend and make out with random guys while intoxicated... and on camera.

As a side note, those tags are interesting -- "women, addiction, female" and "software, internet, online" -- it's like it's meant to attract nerdy guys!!


Mighty BOB!

* 42 percent have no problem posting pics of themselves intoxicated
* 79 percent don't take to issue to kissing in photos
* 50 percent are open to being Facebook friends with complete strangers


There's a lot of overlap in those 3 I suspect.  I know some people like that.



I take a picture of myself in the mirror but never take my eyes off my camera because I can't afford to not look perfect while making kissy lips to all my adoring fans.



How many users are addicted to MaxPC? :)



MPC readers are addicted to computers in general.



Totally agree. The only thing I see on my News Feeds when I log-on are person X and person Y posted new pictures!! And guess what, I'd say more than 95% of them are my female Facebook friends. I never post new pictures (have had the same profile picture since 2008) cuz I don't care enough about Facebook to spend time uploading new pictures. I think girls just want the attention - by posting new pictures of themselves on everything they do - even something as mundane as walking their dog in the neighborhood.

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