Survey: Facebook Flirting Wrecks a Third of Marriages



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Online forums and social sites I think give people some sense of anonymity. With that extra bit of a false sense of secuirty it's like there's more of a temptation to act and even if I did get caught, I could play it off innocently enough. Around a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend chances are facebook isnt going to get signed out of one time and that's all it really takes. Curiousity takes over and busted. 



LOL...  un beaucoup de DMF là-bas.



My x-wife reconnected with a high school love via Facebook. I'm not blaming the social network and never have. People just need to take responsibility for their actions as I have.

If someone was going to flirt/cheat, then Facebook is only a medium. They were more than likely going to do it anyway or maybe your relationship was on the brink anyway (like mine).



I Jedi

This tells me that men and women alike have only become more stupid at hiding their extramarital activities. 20 years ago, you could flirt with the nurse while your wife was prego, and she would never know.



Eeh.. this seems like another case of people blowing a statistic that makes perfect sense out of context. And blaming an inanimate object for complex human behavior patterns

How did we share pictures 15-20 years ago? We took them, had them developed, placed the in a scrap book, then showed them to our relatives and loved ones. The same with gatherings like parties, how did we set these up 20 years ago? We called our friends/desired attendees (on a *gasp* land line phone!), told them the when, wheres, whats and whys, and they came if they could. How would we keep in touch with friends? We would call (again, likely on a land line), write an email if we were both REALLY tech savvy, or we would WRITE A LETTER! Almost everything is done online now, even finding people to go out on dates with.

So, with everything being done online now... well, what happens if you're unhappy with your marriage or relationship? In the olden days, we would go out to bars and talk to the opposite sex there, meet them at places as pedestrian as the grocery store or even at the office, or somewhere else in person. Is it so hard to believe that Facebook, which has brought so much of our lives into the digital world, has also brought cheating and being unfaithful online as well?

This statistic would have you believe that the ability to flirt with strangers on Facebook actually caused the infidelity or breakup.. that seems a little preposterous. Facebook and social media is all about making connecting easier, the good and the bad alike. I conjecture that cheaters cheat, and they would cheat whether they had a Facebook and lots of singles to easily connect with or not. Does Facebook make it easier? Of course. That's what technology does.. but if the cheater or unhappy party didn't have Facebook to find singles with, they would find them elsewhere if they really wanted to.

I'm sick and tired of people placing all the blame on technology. Sure, it might make it easier, but flirting with strangers on Facebook is no accident.. if a person (male or female) finds themselves in the position where they are trying to actively outreach to the opposite sex online, their relationship is pretty much done with anyway. If they were truly happy with who they were with, they would have stopped what they were doing about 20 steps before it got to flirting with people on Facebook. If you're not happy in your marriage or relationship, fine.. man up and admit it. You marriage didn't unravel because Facebook exists.. your marriage was in an uncorrectable nose dive anyway, heading straight for a brick wall.. you just turned to Facebook to meet someone new.



That's very interesting, if you're in a marriage you shouldnt be flirting with others anyways so it's good on facebook to leave a footprint of the act. 

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