Survey: Cyberbullying becoming a Major Problem



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It may not seem like it would help much, but MS has actually taken measures due to abuse...of numerous types. Action taken ranges from investigation, to account freezing, to FBI notification and everything in between. It depends on the infraction itself, and the volume.

While using Messenger, hit ALT+H+U.



 What you wanna fight? Nooblet. 






As far as I know, cyberbullies just use the internet to bully others without the worries of being in trouble (your parents and teachers have no real authority on the internet). If we eliminate annomity on social networking sites, that might discourage people from abusing the internet.

You can break up fights on school, but the rules are completely different on the internet.



I am a freshman and I have had no cyberbullying experiences yet. I just only friend my friends and close aquaintances on facebook. I don't use twitter and I only give my cellphone number to my closest friends. Anyone else, I rarely give them it, and if so, I just give them my google voice number. I don't share my email. This keeps me safe and I see no downside!



Bull, there is no way "cyber bullying" is anywhere near as bad as face to face bullying. As a geek, now in my late 30s, I was the subject of quite a lot of bullying when I was in school. I never started it, but for a lot of reasons, most commonly because I was dirt poor, I seemed to be a magnet for the pieces of trash. Anyone who says that some dirtbag saying things about you on facebook is as bad as some moron twice your size kicking your ass for no reason other than you are smarter or poorer than they are has never been bullied.



I wasn't dirt poor, and I wasn't especially smart I don't think, but junior high was pretty hard sometimes, mostly due to the fact that it was a very sports-oriented school, and I just didn't enjoy team sports that entirely much, and I got picked on for being skinny.  I didn't suffer a huge amount of physical abuse, but it did occasionally happen.  Mostly it was just verbal abuse, and being rejected from any type of social gathering, including lunch tables and stuff.

What I remember hating most, is that when I would try to retaliate against a bully, they would go straight to a teacher, who always seemed to side with them...but when I went to a teacher, things just got worse, cause they had a entire group of friends to make my life hell.

I can see how if the abuse extended behond just school how it could be much worse though, and I think this is probably why cyberbullying is seen as as big of a deal as people are making it.  however, I do agree that face-to-face bullying is horrible, but it would be worse with cyberbullying in addition.



Correct me if I'm wrong but is it really that difficult to block people on these services?  If someone was bullying me for whatever reason I'd just hit block.


I Jedi

Well, this isn't all that surprising at all considering that the retards (bullys) would eventually figure out how to switch on a computer, hit start, and press Firefox and start sprouting bs. E.g. trolls, cyberbully, etc.

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