Survey: Consumers to Cut Spending, and Probably Still Cut in Line on Black Friday



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And just like the people people in Left 4 Dead, every shopper that goes out on Black Friday should be shot in the head numerous times.



I am being very specific when I buy and their stuff is like what I would say is "bargain bin" stuff in which nobody buys it, and they just want to get it out? I don't know, but still I don't care too much about their deals.



The only way that I would go to a black friday was if they actually had real hardware then the s*** they usually sell. I only go for quality, and because of this I almost NEVER go into stores except for games and an occasional cd (hard copies are forever, in my opinion).

 Just like other holidays, it's just a way to roll in the dough.


Keith E. Whisman

Well you have never been inside a WalMart then as WalMart does not sell crap. It's all good poop. But actually Fry's has a 1TB Samsung F1 for $99 and has the new Seagate 1.5TB for $119dollars.

Sadly I was hoping to find Core I7 processors on sale and that did not happen at any store that I can find. 

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