Survey: Broadband Growth Slowing Down in the US



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Alright.. speaking of broadband in rural america. I might be moving back to Missouri. I want to get broadband to the back of the property. Which is approximately half a mile away. Well Charter will only hook up to the front of the property. Whats the cheapest way to go about getting this down without adding a bunch of latency. I'm a avid online computer gamer and would love to keep it that way. I'm interested in hearing everyones thoughts.



We had an issue like that here with a church. Time warner want $15000 to add 2 poles to get the cable back to where the building was. I think we spent $500 -$600 and buried 6 pair of fiber optic cables. All the cable equipment is in the basement of the house on the road the fiber runs to the back of the church and into our switch.

A wireless link could do it (think Aero net from Cisco or the like). Either way your going to need to mount an enclosure near the pole for the company to "hook up" too. Could be as simple as a weather tight plastic job on the pole, or you could build a shed and place the equipment there.

It's doable but it's going to be more then $150..... to pull it off.





I live in an area where 75% of the area's only internet is Dial up... either with a 56K modem (which connects at max of 28.8kbs over the crappy phone lines) $9.99 a month or tether your Cell (dial up 2.0) for $15 +$30 data plan (that unlimited for now).

You could go sat and drop $600.00 for equipment then pay $100.00 a month for about 512kbs down (cell phone's faster and cheaper).

It sucks.. I'm working, but for those that are not... most of the government programs are online. Signing up for unemployment benefits, job training, medical assistance, etc. all online. Sure you can go down to the office if you like to wait for the day to get told to come back tomorrow when Harrry's back in. But as a society we're assuming more and more that everyone has a fast (1Mbs or higher) internet accessible to them all the time.

It's just like when electric power was introduced. The urban areas got it first, and after a bit, folks there assumed it was everywhere. As the government seats are all in urban areas, laws, and regulations tend to be written with an urban mind set. So when urbanites come out to a rural area, instead of being shocked that we all use oil/gas lamps like the turn on the last century. The modern urbanite is shocked to hear all we have is dialup. Their first thoughts are that we're too poor or too dumb to use it (electricity then internet now), not that it just doesn't exists here. It took the government stepping in back then to get electrical power out in to the rural areas, and unfortunately it looks like it's going to take them to get the internet out here too. I'd much rather the free market system drive the expansion, like the telephone. but I don't want to wait 50 years on it either!

The last 6-8 years every 6months we called the Phone company (br) and ask when we'll get dsl. every time they tell me within the next 6 months... One of these time maybe they'll be right ! :)

My me, I just want High speed internet. :)




AT&T announced that they would be bringing DSL to the area I lived in "any day now" in 2000.  It was outside a small southern city.  I was close enough to the city that the city fire department provided my fire protection service.  When I moved out of that area in 2007, they still hadn't provided DSL service.  I'm not sure if they have yet.  The local cable provider finally did provide broadband service to my area in March of 2007 and then I moved in May of 2007.  It took someone actually buying out the local cable provider with the express purpose of providing broadband service to the area to get it to happen.  The telcoms just are dragging their feet on expanding broadband service to more rural areas.


Keith E. Whisman

Right now broadband in the US has become stagnate, through corrupt politicians and price fixing amongst broadband providers that make and break the rules at their whim. Because there is no real free competition amongst broadband providers, the technological improvements haven't been deployed to offer better service to the providers clients. The BB providers get a monthly paycheck from their subscribers and only offer the most minimal service possible. Instead of improving their subscriber service and building more infrastructure companies would rather limit subscribers services like bandwidth caps, instead of adding more towers for 3G and 4G. 

So really we need to kick the lobbyists out of Washington to stop corruption and investigate the broadband providers to restore fair competition, that will improve customer service and satisfaction.



I guess people don't also, understand that the more we develop broadband capabilities, the cheaper it might become to get the older broadband technologies. If we could develop broadband technologies it may be readily available in areas in which broadband is not possible (or not as successful).

The economy problem have been bad on alot of fronts. Along with the bad events that have been going on. I can see where people's priorities could shift to.



....the MPAA, the RIAA, and Obama for that.  I was talking to friend other day in rural get a "not really" 2Mb/s connection (satellite) costs him $169.99.   How anyone who expects people in situations like this to even think of adopting bradband is ridiculous.  It takes him overnight just to get MS Updates.

All these 3G, 4G  etc networks are insane as well.  Sure the have a somewhat better speed, but then are all strapped with bandwidth caps, or minutes or times of day.  Sure these types of connections are great for internet forum trolls and TWITS...yes I spelled that incorrectly on purpose.  Try to DL a large file or game online and you are most definitely S.O.L.  Then only solution to this conundrum is that Verizon (with all its faults) MUST continue to roll out FIOS, which of course they can't do beacause Obama plain out lied about subsidies for broadband rollout.

On top of all this...these would be adopters, see articles everyday about how all the large ISPs are allegedly (lmao) forking over huge sums of money to influence the outcome of the Net Neutrality Bill, in the ISP's favor.  Fiber to the premisis is the answer...maybe Obama can subsidize Verizon like previous administrations did with certain American Car Companies.  I have a modest 20/20 FIOS connection from Verizon, and if I could show the country somehow, how glorious a connection like this is, you would have "adopters" lining up to ...well adopt.

LET the U.S. government do as the Austrailian govt. has done.  Free fiber, simple as that.  Sure they will be able to monitor all traffic, however, there's really no difference between the govt. monitoring internet traffic or Google doing it and selling it to the govt.

Add to all this....every OS company keeps releasing new OS's that function no better than the earlier ones (and in some cases worse) and your average consumer will buy beer instead of a decent connection.  At the current rate things are going, it's going to be 20-30 years before the U.S. even approaches the "broadband everywhere" idea that every ISP is fighting tooth and nail to stop.

Lastly, my sig which seems to be no longer available is:


The "CLOUD" is going to be the biggest mistake this country will have EVER made !!



Wow, what are you talking about? So, the economy is in terrible condition, millions of people are out of work and you want the government to spend MORE money to bring broadband to people so they can surf the web faster? How about no.

And no again to the government monitoring all traffic. I'd rather deal with dialup than have the government tracking everything. Do you really trust those asshats? And it's different with google selling the information because that's against the law.

It's amazing that people can put the ideas of liberty and other people's money behind them in the name of faster internet. It's too bad people like you can vote.


Zachary K.

he just likes to sound important. he is linux, AMD, and pirate. he is the non-conformist badboy of the internet, its sad really. he is like those hippies that wants to "be free from the establishment"



You are retarded putting people to work helps the economy. Obama has provided incredible amounts of money to fund highway projects and the healthcare reform. If you want to say either of those were wrong then you are even more retarded than I thought. The number of jobs created by stringing fiber up on telephone poles and underground would be excellent. This would lower prices for internet access because the number of subscribers would be higher and the infrastructure would already be built. Jobs would be made to build the infrastructure then there would be more jobs for maintainence on the infrastructure and more businesses in rural areas would be able to grow because WANs between offices would be cheaper. The ISPs would make more money because millions of people would have access to broadband speeds at a higher price than they were paying for dialup. No one would lose money over it and it would pay itself off within a decade or so. Neither of you have any idea how the economy works and how capitalism needs push to get out of a recession, but once out recovers well. That push is in goverment funding for projects that will produce results in the long run. To the third comment - linux amd and being a pirate do not make someone a liberal non-conformist. I buy AMD because I want to fund a company who produces a product I want at a price I believe is right. Linux is used by the most conservative people in the world. I can almost guarantee you that the GOP website runs on apache. I am not a pirate but I don't understand what any of those things have to do with being free from the establishment. He is saying the government should help out. Thank you for your time. You are a complete a-hole.

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