Survey: 30% of Windows 7 Problems Related to Installation



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I don't think these figures are misrepresenting. A LOT of people are having problems with Win7, even among those I know personally. And yes, these problems are all with getting TO Win7, not with actually using it.

I know iYogi have their own homebrew migration utility thing, but that's not all there is in the world.

I know people have been using Easy Transfer with success to do file migration (no apps).

I personally had to use Zinstall to move all the mounds of apps and settings I had on my PC :)

Migration tools are a whole new interesting toolset - worth knowing about.



I completely agree. Alot of users may be tryiing to install Win 7 on products that dont intend to support win 7. For example, a friend's laptop is only 2 years old, but HP website said no Win 7 drivers will be released for this model. Not alot of people will check their websites before buying Win 7. And not alot of them will understand why the hell cant windows 7 be installed? What the hell are drivers? Then they complain of blue screens, HELLO? incorrect drivers.

When reading this article, I was thinking "what about missing features and glitches?" Like you said missing windows gallery, etc. For me, missing features from XP really pisses me off. Example, status bar showing total and remaining sizes which is the most valuable tool being missing from Win 7 as well as shared folders not changing their folder icon.

As for stupid glitches or something - in windows explorer, when I click a folder on the left pane, the folders goes downwards instead of upwards when expanding. WHY???????? I want to view the contents of folders when expanded, so the main folder should go to the top of the screen instead of the bottom of screen that I had to scroll down to view the expanded contents.. GRRRRR... Very annoying.

Another glitch, I love the snipping tool but it's stupid sometimes. Sometimes it would switch to other window making me have to click cancel (snipping) and click on the correct window and then pray snipping work properly.. It switches windows about 1 out of 5 times. Really stupid and annoying.

I had the privilege of having 1 TB of data being created under Windows XP user, now in windows 7, often I encounter write permission issues... I had to "take ownership" of the contents but it DOESNT apply to all sub-folders and files... I had to perform it for every sub-folder..

Even with windows 7 itself, when saving files to my documents or anything THAT I OWN, it occasionally said, I do not have permission to save to this location, but then it creates an empty file and when I click save again, it asked me to over write it. Jeez....

I wonder who the hell beta tested Win 7 and approved these stupid glitches??? I hope M$ have people reading these comments and improve their product.



There was a similar article posted on about this. The difference, those tools over there have their nose so far up apples ass that the article was so sensationalist that it was nearly unreadable. Reading the article really did nothing but piss me off, as anyone with a technical background could see right through the sensationalist nature of the article, but the non computer savvy person I'm sure would eat it up and take it word for word. I invite all of you to follow the link to the article and lite up their comment section with some wonderful flames.



Your topic is wrong - it should be "Survey: 30% of windows 7 problems are caused amatures trying to do stuff they don't know."

Ofcourse it might need to be changed from 30% to something like 90% :P

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