Survey: 22% Bosses Scrutinize Social Networking Profiles of Job Aspirants



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Keith E. Whisman

Are'nt social networking sites for children? I mean I'm hip but I don't open myself up like that. Can you really call someone you text chat with on social networking sites a friend? And I've tried visiting Myspace but I just can't get myself to care about all the information on the myspace pages.. Just really boring thats why I figured kids must love it. 

If you don't want your boss knowing alot about the true you or the fake you then don't bother with social networking sites. They are gay anyhow.  



You mean those children who don't know where to place an apostrophe in their contractions?  Just a thought.



CareerBuilder:  So, many companies are reporting that employee use of social networking sites is interfering with workplace productivity.  Do you feel this is a problem in your office?

Boss Man:  Oh yes!  It's rampant!  I'm always catching people here using myspace, facebook, bebo, flickr, gaia, habbo, orkut,, tagged, linkedin, xanga, vampirefreaks, yahoo360, and, um, others, I guess....I mean, how would I know what sites they go to?  What was the question again?

CB:  Uh, skip it.  So, you don't ever access sites like this from work?

BM:  No!  Absolutely not!  Well, maybe once or twice.....sometimes.  But that was a long time ago...

CB:  Uh huh.  Go on.

BM:  But it was only when there was a legitimate buisness need!

CB:  A 'legitimate business need'?

BM:  Oh yes, only for that!

CB:  Can you give an example...?

BM:  Um...sure...I *shuffles papers on desk*!  Yeah!  Everybody I interview I check out online first!  Doesn't that seem like the smart thing to do??

CB:  Yeah, uh..thanks.   We'll be in touch. 

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