Samsung Galaxy S4 Surprisingly Shows Up in Browsermark, Climbs to Top Spot



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It's a good thing I ignored the S3 when it came out. The specs don't amuse me enough. Let's see how good the S4 is.



I want my new battery technology Samsung :(, 1 week of battery life so i don't have to worry about recharging my devices as much.



If you check the link you posted, it shows the results of the GT-I9500
at 2540.35... more of an incremental increase over the iPhone 5 versus a 'blazing fast', 'leaves the rest in the dust' type score of 2700.

like I said, just an incremental increase over an already year old device.

Time to check facts first...



The iPhone 5 is also tested on Safari, which has proven to be a faster browser than Chrome in most tests. So we're not exactly comparing apples to apples here.

I'm also not sure how the score of 2710 Paul is showing is not reflected in the public data on the site. It's not even in the max value.

On another note, it does look like Chrome 25 is significantly faster than its predecessors -- finally coming close to the stock android browser.



I'm not sure if the page that shows the higher score is getting hammered or what, but I'm having trouble getting it to load. However, you can see the higher score in the screenshot/thumbnail image above (reposted below), as well as all over Google (GSMArena was the first to notice).

Browsermark score



and by the 'year old phone' I'm talking about the S3... tried to edit but the spam filter decided otherwise.

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