Surprise Patch for Supreme Commander 2 Improves AI



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Bought this game on Steam for less than $5.00 a few years ago but never got around to trying it. I guess this means I should actually play it now huh?



You absolutely should. Honestly, the first Supreme Commander is about 1000x better, and SupCom2 suffered from the developers deciding to make it more 'accessible', which had the usual effect of making the game less good and not actually be any more accessible. Happy to see the improved AI, but really wish they had added some new maps - the maps in SupCom2 need some refreshing. Still, if you have it, you should definitely give it a whirl.



It looks like Steam shares your opinion as SC II is cheaper there than SC I.

I had completely forgotten about this franchise. I meant to check it out;I need a good semi-modern RTS.

I haven't played a RTS with "commander" in the name since they days of the old MechCommander. Now I'm nostalgic lol.

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