Surging Android to Eclipse Windows PCs by 2016, IDC Says



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Android is not a "PC" in practical terms. It will NEVER replace my home pc. Im glad android is growing because I own a galaxy and I think androids are FAR superior when it comes to phones compraed to ios.

No crap android and any mobile operating system will out sell a homc pc. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

PS - I freakin love your capcha word verification. Hated those ad's. Thanks



Again: socks will sell more than coats.



hahaha, right after I wrote my post, i read your short and to the point phrase. Awesome.



i've been trying to get interested in tablets for the past 5 or 6 months but honestly they bore the hell out of me. If this is true i'm guessing there will be millions of devices out there just collecting dust. I dont travel very much and if im out I dont really have time to be on a computer anyways so it really limits my needs of a tablet, when im at home i'm on my comfy chair and desk surrounded by 3 27" monitors my pc just flies through all my programs, my real estate is so huge that I have to turn my head all the way if I want to see the far left or far right of the screens. This topic is so full of BS, i'm getting tired of it actually even if it does happen, will it really matter? I feel like its a bit late for them to step into x86 territory just as windows is too late for arm if they really wanted to provide a powerful computer experiance.



What's the point in comparing how many Android phones (tablets) there will be with how many PC will use Windows?

If anyone starts manufacturing PCs running Android fine, but phones vs PCs is apples to oranges - different markets.

Also if you include all Android phones, you should include all Windows Phones too. They might not be as much but it adds up.



Android has no place in a pc market its a ARM and low ram optimized Linux distro funded by Google, get a real Linux or get Windows or if you lack significant intelligence get a Mac.



I will jump off the Golden gate Bridge before that happens.



Once Google takes a page from the MS playbook, and starts developing a desktop version of the Android OS, it will get really interesting.



Android is, first and foremost, a mobile OS that responds well to touch-based interfaces. Windows 8 is trying to take blend the two interfaces together, but the UI for windows is what people know and is what they will use. It is no surprise that Android has taken off like it has because it is a blend of desktop and mobile features.

I also disagree that developers make more money from iOS because users are willing to pay for those apps. In the short term, this is true, but since it is only a one-term transaction, it doesn't take into account the money earned from free ad-based apps on Android. I believe Rovio's Angry Birds makes more money in the long-term via Android than they could on iOS because it is ad-based on Android.

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