Surface Pro Bombs iFixIt's Teardown Analysis



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wait... 90 screws inside, and yet the one component that's actually _likely_ to fail is the one item they decided to glue together...

I smell the unmistakeable stench of planned obsolescence at work here.



Does this mean that the SSD is potentially upgrade-able? I'm pretty sure that would be worth some people's time in the coming years..



Batteries, especially on a pricy item like the Surface Pro, should always be user-removable/replaceable. There's a huge benefit in usability and longevity - and no huge design compromise required. For example, the new BlackBerry Z10 has an easily-removable battery, yet manages to be about as slick and sleek as Apple's latest phones. It can be done.



The extended warranty is not that expensive and it covers everything including dropping it in the toilet.
Look, I build my own rigs but there are a few things that make no sense to try and repair yourself and a Tablet is one of them.

As for one upping Apple, they are excellent innovators and then they ride the "cool" wave to get their fans to constantly upgrade but eventually the other very good consumer tech company's do one up them and the wave starts to hit the shore. Apple has to keep coming up with new waves (devices) in order to maintain their growth. I bought one of the first iPods, then I got the next generation, then I skipped a generation and now I have no intention of ever getting another one. iPhones seem to be going the same way. Someone who just traded their iPhone 4s for a 5 would probably skip the 5s this Summer, unless they are an idiot or a hyper fanboi.
So, how many of you are lusting over an Apple TV or an Apple watch? :-)


Peanut Fox

Sony has already been doing an Android based watch for quite a while now. It'll be interesting to see if the release of an Apple watch will be much more popular, and if by extension it increases interest in the Sony product. Or you know, spawns a ton on clones.

This is more of a me thing, but I've always felt that if I feel like I need to purchase an extended warranty or insurance, it' probably not worth buying the actual product. As always you have to weigh the cost of the purchase, and the clumsiness of the individual ;)



See, Microsoft still knows how to one up Apple...

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