On the Surface, Microsoft's "Kludgey" Tablet is Hardly Competition, Says HP



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It's the JIGSAW interface of Windows 8. It is awful. Well, this part is in metro, that isn't. FULL SCREEN APPS. THE GOD AWFUL START SCREEN. It's like someone took the worst parts of a mobile operating system and stuck them on a desktop counterpart. Not to mention, the in-system advertising. Jesus... That is awful. A lot of these metro apps should be only for a mobile device. A lot of people who use Windows 7, and love it, have desktops. They want a desktop equivalent. NOT THE METRO MOBILE VERSION. Did Microsoft think no one was going to notice that they just wrote one version of quintessential programs and tried to tailor it to desktop computers? Is Microsoft just trying to be cheap? I should be paid for how many times I've complained about every thing that is wrong with Windows 8. Are the developers too out of touch? Out of touch for a touchscreen UI... There is a great joke there. The App Changer Window. The WiFi Window. They are coded to look like Metro on the desktop. WTF?

Microsoft needs to focus on what is essential. Make desktop equivalents to the new emerging apps that are becoming essential. Messaging. Notifications. Contacts. SEPARATE METRO FROM WINDOWS ALL TOGETHER. MAKE A DESKTOP APP FOR THEIR STORE. THE END.



"I'd hardly call Surface competition," Todd Bradley.

When I first read this I was outraged at the veracity of this statement made by a company that completely and utterly failed at the tablet business. But then I realized the man is one million percent correct. HP can hardly call the Surface competition, because they have nothing to compete with to begin with.



And, another company representative proves he's lacking in knowledge about the subject he speaks of.

One more black mark against a company that used to represent quality, but now just goes for the fast buck. HP doesn't have the brainpower to make anything as good as the Surface, so they are resorting to whining and crying and telling lies about it.



This coming from the same company that launched their WebOS based HP TouchPad tablet, then less than 2 months later, scrapped it.



It seams to me that HP and Acer are just scared. The surface is awesome and it's better than anything either of those companies have released.



I just got one. I teach computer stuff as a volunteer for our city and there is a demand to teach use of Win 8 and the surface. In any case, I am surprised by how much I am using it. I have my high end workstations and gaming rigs and some very good ThinkPad notebooks but I find myself using the Surface to easily give PowerPoint presentations and do basic work on the go. I had expected to use it to get to know the Win 8 interface before putting it on one of my other rigs and to use it to teach but I find myself really liking it. Surprise.



No no no! You're supposed to say it's very frustrating and just a toy and can't run "real" programs.

At least that's what 90% of the comments I've read here over the past couple years said about all tablets.

Remember, tablets are just for Angry Birds and that's it.



Peanut Fox

That's all they really have been. Both iOS and Android offerings have been very content consumption devices. Love it or hate it Windows RT offers quite a bit more than either of those options.



If HP can bring a Windows RT tablet to the market with the same build quality and performance as the Surface and have it cost less by at least 100 dollars, I'll buy it. Your move HP.


Peanut Fox

HP could bring a competitive product to market, but it'd end up being a pricey investment. They'd then under market it, offer lack luster support, and kill it off in it's first iteration without it ever giving it an opportunity to gain mind share. That's just how HP operates. The company lacks focus.



HP and build quality in the same sentence? Ha Ha!!



I can't believe it either... My eyes deceived me.



Whenever HP does decide to enter the market, they'd better come out with something impressive or they'll find themselves behind the eight-ball.

Anyway, the Surface may not be a great tablet but it's fulfilled its purpose: Getting the hardware manufacturers off their butts.

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