SuperTalent Claims Perfect Storm of SSD Technologies in New TeraDrive PT3 Family



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If the advances keep rolling out to the point that SSDs finally achieve faster speeds than harddrives at higher capacities, with greater read/write cycles and longer offline data retention, all at lower prices than hard-drives in a smaller package than traditional 3.5" hard-drives, we may soon replace both tape and spinning platter storage with new SSD based solutions for both.  but until then, SSDs are still over-priced :)

This is all the more likely to happen if desktop hard-drive manufacturers keep making blunders liek AF drives (Advanced Format, it kills performance in nearly all data-intensive applications, and essentially LIES to the operating system about the underlying hardware in violation of existing standards)



I guess if you dont give a fly fucking about performance at all no matter what under any circumstance then yeah they might be over priced.



Er, isn't a "perfect storm" the worst possible thing that can happen? I thought the article was going to describe a potential disaster.

As in, "trying to combine these three technologies into one product has the potential to create a perfect storm that will cause complete loss of all data", that kind of thing.



It's actually a perspective thing. This SSD product could be the storm that sinks the HDD ship. So to the HDD industry its bad news. To SSDs its good news.

I think the 3.0 drives are quite pricey but if you require the top end preformance that they offer then you really have no choice. It's just like any other component really. You want the black edition $1100 cpu that mildly outpreforms the $600 one that slightly outprefroms a $300 one then you are paying for marginal gains. Some people need that. Most don't. I don't know why that other guy is really upset about it.



Take it from the perspective of a hard drive maker trying to compete with solid state drives.

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