Superphones Show Up in Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap



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For smart phones larger screens usually mean bigger phone, and bigger isn't always better. I like a phone that fits in my pocket comfortably and some of the Android phones with their large screens are just too big in my opinion.



Stop wearing skinny jeans then.

Even the HTC Thunderbolt stacked ON TOP OF a extended battery Bionic fits comfortably inside a normal sized pocket. I know because I did it. 

I see this "pocket" argument mentioned all the time about EVERY phone larger than a iPod nano. Seriously people stop wearing skin tight hipster skinny jeans and maybe you'll be able to fit things in your pocket. 



I don't, I actually prefer baggier pants. If you read my post more carefully I said they don't fit comfortably. I carry other things in my pockets besides just the phone. Wallet, keys, perscription, comb etc. I'm not one of those guys that carries around a "guy's purse" so I like being able to fit everything without feeling like my pockets are gonna rip.

It's an opinion. Go troll somewhere else.



Ha. Good point. I can fit my Kindle in the back pocket of my jeans.

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