Super Talent Will Release First PCI Express RAIDDrive SSDs in Early October



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As usual, the price of admission for a new technology like this is just too much for the average person. You are paying a premium to be able to be the first person on your block to own it. Personally, I wouldn't spend 1k on this, and I am sure most people would not. But I don't think anyone can doubt the increased performance possible from using the pci-e bus for a storage interface. If this takes off, and I think it will, We will start seeing motherboards with a lot more than just 2 or 3 pci-e X16 slots (asus already offers a few) and I for one welcome that.



This device is NOT being marketed to the main-stream user here folks, let's get that striaght from the first sentence...


I  am not in the category for one of these either, I simply don't -need- it... However if one found its way to my door I would give it a home :D lol


This device is going to be the "first" mass produced and specifically developed device of its kind with the PCI-E interface specifically. While the first of its kind is clearly quite expensive, it's no more outrageous than the first 1x DVD-ROM drives, or the first 1x CD-ROM drives, or even the first SSD drives. But they were also the first of their kind, and at release were also NOT intended for the mainstream for quite some time.


Any new technology like this is going to take a couple of years, and additional competitors, to see great change in capacity, speed, capability, compatibility, and of course PRICE. 


If you read the $1,000 price tag with disgust, then YOU are not the intended audience, neither am I, as well as the vast majority of users, they are (as the article noted mind you) focused only on the most ardent power-users and businesses that HAVE TO HAVE such capability to do what they do, and the price of admission is considered an expense worth contending with in order to reap the abilities there-of.



I agree with you.

If we imagine that how much I could afford is not a limiting factor, I can see 1k being a fair price for this.

The issue is that what I'm willing to pay is being heavily influenced by how much I feel like I can afford to spend.

So would I buy one of these?  No.  Is it worth the $1000?  Potentially yes. 



Yes, if you can boot from it.  Having a drive that fast will save a considerable amount of time waiting on I/O processes.  If I can save 90% of wait time on my machine, that's easily worth 1k. 



I call bullshit...anyone? anyone?



My Core2Duo E6750 with 4GB and an Intel 80GB 'mainstream' SSD is already pretty quick. $1000 goes to P55 based 4 monitor setup.



Ah No! Not even if it were $100 My next PC will be $500 with a monitor.



good, I hope they drop their SX line in price, I've been eyeing them



hell no, id rather upgrade the big three with that amount of money.


he's pwning with a trackpad? oh really? oh reheheheeally?



i think you would notice a bigger difference going from a 7200rpm hdd to this then you would going from a core2 quad to an i7. the read and write times promised by this type of storage should really shake things up.



No. It's simply not worth it.

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