Super Talent Starts Shipping High Performance TeraNova SATA III Solid State Drives



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I agree that anusbreath is overreaching by calling SSDs the 'next betamax'. Also, apparently ignoring that many tv stations used betamax up until the past 5 years. Just because something may not be commercially viable for the huddled masses does not make it irrelevant. SSD tech is still fairly young for consumer purposes and is experiencing advances almost monthly it seems. Pricing are hovering very near the $1/Gb mark for many brands of reasonable performance as well. If you want the leading edge, higher performance (IOPS) SSD, you'll pay more. Just like getting a Velociraptor HDD.
This is just another example of another wannabe know-it-all trying to act like they're ahead of the game by denouncing the current/next big thing. That way, in 15-20 years, he can claim, "See, I told you SSD would fade"...
On the actual correct part of his statement... yes, there is MUCH more advanced and better tech available/indevelopment that can be used for digital storage. The problem is that it is not commercially viable or not actually functional when the concept is put into practice for the purpose it was intended.
I remember back in 2003/2004, there was talk of a crystal organic storage/RAM hybrid super drive that would exceed capacities of 1PB (Petabyte) within 5 years. It's been 7-8 years and not a single word of it... not viable. We are working on crystal/organic/uber-custom materials to suit these needs... however we're still about 50 years from Stargate/Star Trek (whatever sci-fi show) level of technology for that area at least. The crystals that are so popular in Stargate are a real possibility given enough research and determination. However, I think they will function more properly and less like playing whack-a-mole with finding what crystal works in what spot to make it glow the right color to function... that doesn't even make sense. That's like slamming some extra cpus into a ram slot hoping for it to work right... who knows though lol.



your name should be anusbrain cause you are full of shit



Yawn. SSD's are the next Betamax. Going to be out of style faster than you can say "Why the hell did I spend a fortune on a 250 gb drive"

With 20 different directions of research underway on newer, better, faster technologies, I'd never buy an SSD. Go to ScienceDaily and search for Hard Drives. SSD's are obsolete junk.

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