Super Talent Launches Password Protected USB 3.0 Flash Drive



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I wonder if this device does ready boost on 7 or vista better than USB 2.0 devices. My experience playing with readyboost was pretty dismal, did get some occasional slight speed increases but usually degraded performance overall.



This is a pretty good idea (assuming all manufacturers follow suit and go to the "impervious to auto-run").  I work in a hospital health system's IT department with 1200+ workstations.  I can't tell you how many viruses that use auto-run that I have had to get rid of that came from thumb drives.  So, many so that we have disabled auto-run via regedit on all workstations in the health system.  A huge pain in butt for those that aren't that savvy and need to install important applications from disc.



Didn't know if you knew this but a good way to protect YOUR flash drive from those pesky auto-run viruses is to create a folder called autorun.inf

When you do that, the virus gets copied over to your flash drive but it can't make the autorun.inf file that it needs to run on other computers!

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