Super Talent Announces 2TB "RAIDDrive" PCI-E SSD



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Nunc est bibendum!

Being priced like a new car wouldn't surprise me. I've got a 1983 Tandy Computer catalogue that features a 4 megabyte extrenal hard drive (it's as big as a modern desktop computer) for $8000, which would have been just about the price of a new car back in '83. A cheap car, sure, but a car. The top-line TRS-80 Model 16 computer itself was $13,000 with a 512kb memory upgrade and two 8" floppies...


I can also remember the first plasma TV I ever saw, hanging on the wall at a local TV/stereo shop, with a $20k price tag hanging from it. 26" screen. Then there's the $1000 DVD burners, the $500 16MB MP3 players, etc.

You want to be bleeding edge you're gonna pay 'til it bleeds. In a few years SSD's will be cheaper than magnetic drives. I'll patiently wait 'til then...



this thing must be very expensive. i probably wont be able to afford it. but it's good to know that such technology exist.



April fool's or a one up to OCZ's Z-drive seen at CeBIT?

If it's real then where on the drive would you hide the lojack device?



Keith E. Whisman

Fake it's an april fools joke article. I'm sure of it. I don't trust any articles posted on the 1st of April.



I know I saw an article about this yesterday, or two days ago. I'm just not sure where. I thought it was on Gizmodo, but I never found it.



I'd only have to sell both kidneys, half of my stomach, and my first born child to afford it!



and possibly SATA, as well then.

that looks so fake, but a well-designed photoshop. i bet the next piece of information would be that it could be QUAD-fire or QUAD-SLI...depending on company. would that thing be still limited to FSB on some boards?



So with all this April Fools day stuff going on today, I honestly am not sure if this is real or not...  But, if this thing is for real, I just have to say:  HOLY CRAP!  That's insane!




Only if you could boot from it..

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