Sue Happy Apple Couldn't Stop Samsung from Selling 300 Million Handsets in 2011



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Long live Android!!!



Because they COPIED the iPhone!

Look how crappy the Samsung phones were before the iPhone. I know what Samsung is best at and won't be buying any of their copycat crap ever again! 

Oh and I'm a PC/Microsoft fanboy so don't give me any if that Apple fanboy BS!



You are a damn fool. Apple's hardware in all of their phones is made by Samsung. Screens, Memory chips, Motherboards, all manufactured by samsung you idiot. Samsung didn't copy anything, and has been the largest most successful electronics producer and dealer since well before the iPhone. You are a stupid moron with no inteligence on anything related to the mobile world. Android is going to destroy Apple, and as soon as the contract is over with Samsung and Apple, Where is apple going to get the parts to manufacture their craptastic products? Apple is going to fall.



They copied the iPhone? Really?

When competition rises, you go along with the flow. People liked the iPhone form factor; it was rectangluar and thin. Who wouldn't follow? Every object is considered "crappy" until somebody walks along a revolutionizes it. Look at all the cars. It only takes one guy to think of the design of a Lamborghini. Would you say that the Ferrari 430 "copied" them in the sleek design? Of course not.

Use your damn brain before you start being an Apple lawyer, claiming everyone stole their idea.



Now, now. No telling the mouth breathers to think logically. You'll overload their neural pathways and cause them to hardlock, which requires a swift kick to the ass, many times to reboot them.

As fun as that may seem, it causes unnessairy wear and tear on your footwear.



Samsung vs Apple is a big thing right now, but there's alot of companies with a patent war against Apple.  Motorola has the Iphone blocked from selling is some country due to patent infringement.  It's pretty funny to me though.  I find all this patent crap to be ridiculous though.


I know Steve Jobs probably pushed all this, as he wanted nothing more than to ruin all companies other than Apple because "everyone stole his ideas".  Remember he was more than willing to throw Apple in the gutter to destroy the Android platform.  He was more than willing to use all the billions of dollars they have in the bank to destroy Android.  It's going to backfire on them.  They're going to have to go back to making their own processors again and running absolutely everything in house if they keep SUEING everyone they have a business deal with.

I just don't agree with Apple and the walled garden approach.  Controlling the software & hardware and the users experience with their line is just not cool to me.



What's funny is that by the time Apple get's a ban on Samsung's Galaxy S & Galaxy Tab products, there will be newer tablets with different form factors.  Maybe having such a slow court system is good after all...?



i love articles like this. since germany is now blocking ipad/iphone sales, may samsung continue to destroy apple. even without the ban in germany, we all know that it would happen anyway. id love to know how many times good old dead steve has turned in his grave since his "tragic" death



I am nobodies apple fan. Just baught a Galaxy S II Skyrocket on the 3rd. Fuck Apple. However. Steve Jobs had a family. You need to chill with this kind of crap.  I would hope you would feel bad if one of his kids (did he have any?) or wife or parents read your comment.



he did have a daughter and wanted nothing to do with her from what ive skimmed across on various articles. i really couldnt give a rat's ass if anyone of his family members reads this. what are they gonna do ? sue me because i dont own apple products ? or because i despise apple ? or send an approved apple branded assassin after me ?



Apple branded cop.  Get it right.

I'm also sure as much money as Steve Jobs made, his family is set for life.  Also saying he was wrong for saying the guy is rolling in his grave and then for you to say... fuck him, hypocrite.

Also Steve jobs was nothing more than a pompous prick who thought he was better than everyone.  He even turned his back on Bill Gates who bailed Apple out years back.  Then he sits there and says disrespectful things bout Bill Gates, this guy had no respect.  If you ask me the guy was smart, he was also a self serving asshole who needed a wakeup call and had no respect for people who helped him.  We're truly better off.






Agree with your point. The disrespect he showed Gates is stupid and showed him for the self-centered guy he was. Bill is a decent human being, you can tell that by watching interviews with him. For Jobs to make fun of him and talk about how iTunes for Windows is like giving a drink of cold water to people in Hell just makes me so angry... Then he said that Gates is unimaginative and never invented anything... Just stupid, meaningless comments.

And regarding his family, he denied that he was the father of his daughter, even after the DNA test confirmed it and said that half the men in the country could be the father, dissing his former girlfriend severely.

He stole ideas from his employees regularly and presented them as his own, after telling the employee that their idea was useless. He had little self control and blew up at his employees when something went wrong. As a younger man, he touts his ideology on how great artists steal, and how his company would "steal, and steal shamelessly", then later, when similar, successful products are released, gets angry and vows to destroy the competitors, or at least their products, at any cost.

Clearly, not someone I look up to.

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