Subscription Free: World of Warcraft Could Abandon Its Subscription Fee Someday, Says Blizzard



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They already charge for so many in game items and services that perhaps they think they would see a bigger profit by letting people pay free but charge them for all the good stuff.  I don't support a free subscription if I'd end up paying more than $15 a month to have access to the same content.  Like D&D Online they should have their free play but also a premium account for those that wish to continue paying a monthly fee to play all the content.  I don't support a store like D&D has which lets you buy loot and items.  One of the main reasons why people continue to play is that they need loot drops to keep up with each new content release, so buying all the gear would leave some with not much reason to play and would destroy most of the fun element.



I'd much rather pay Blizzard $15-$20 a month to have online gaming to, ala Sony's Station Pass.  More games for the same I have been paying for, win in my mind.  Free would of course be the best, but I would rather have quality networking & have it on all games.  Besides WoW only costs $1.99 for a disk or free for a download.  So they are not making money on it any other way.  Which is why I laugh so hard when I go into a Best Buy or Target and see original WoW in the box for $29.99!



And then Blizzard'll make you pay for BattleNet. They have to keep their servers running somehow. 


Digital-Storm Never had a subscription fee. It never will.

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