Study: Young Adults Would Rather Post Facebook Updates than Twitter



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Mighty BOB!

I could not possibly care any less about Twitter than I already do... or would that be don't?



Personally I don't understand twitter as the concept. I just don't see anything in it that is so...excited to be about, it's nothing new, needless to say nothing revolutionary as many trying represent it as.



Had twitter for about two days.  It was very stupid.  I had about 20 people already following me and I had no clue who they were and I was following people i didnt know.  Even after i deleted them all, people still were following me.  I sad nah.  Had myspace but it gets phished all the time.  Not secure one bit.  Gotta facebook, but dont do much with it at all.  Talk to a couple friends now and then, but not much.



Twitter is marketed towards older people (think of all the exposure on CNN) while Facebook is marketed primarily towards students.

I get the best of both worlds by having Twitter update my Facebook feed!



I say screw all networking sites. I'd rather keep everything old school - Phone, maybe AIM but most importantly ..IN PERSON? Are we going to start video conferencing our dates? ***k that.



I'm 17 and I: never used myspace, made a facebook to get friends off my back about it (but only used it 5 minutes), dont use twitter (none of my friends do ether)...



Almost the same here.  I have only a myspace account due to a friend saying "you gotta have one" way back in the day.  I don't even know if I remember how to sign on anymore.  I personally can't stand all these so called social networks.  To me it's not really social at all.  I would rather go out and meet up with buddys than post pictures, or type "I'm eating now".



18 years old and doesnt use any social networking sites. Can someone explain to me, what the hell is happening in theese intertubes? Does everyone feel like a star today, so that if you don't have at least 5 twitter accounts, you don't count as a human being?

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