Study: Wi-Fi More Important than Coffee and TV



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I'm all for Wi-Fi but if it comes to it I'll take a hard line with my cup of coffee.


There is a large percentage of my generation that just doesn't have a clue and they take every thing for granted...



What do 20-somethings know anyway, with their fancy 5-hour energy drinks? Poll the over-30 crowd and coffee will win by a landslide. Hell, I want coffee now just thinking about it!



Anyone who says that going a week without Wi-Fi would put them in a worse mood than going a week without coffee have never gone for a day without coffee.

For example, when I go camping, I have no wi-fi. But if there's no coffee, somebody gets hurt.



What is TV?

I'm no millenial (I'm GenX) and if there isn't a hard-wire broadband available, then there'd better be wi-fi.

Not so much social networking (that's for the millenials), but I must be entangled in meh interwebs.

I can't remember what a TV looks like...vaguely like my monitor, right?  It's an acronym for Television, right?

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