Study: A Third of American Adults Prefer Texting to Talking



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It's a situational thing for me, and I include IM conversations as "texting". 

If I have something important to say, I refuse to do it over texting. It lessens the importance of what I have to say and possibly puts a bad image on myself because I'm hiding behind the interwebs to say what I want.

On the other hand, I don't mind normal conversation or just small chat over texting. And sometimes I prefer it, because a phone conversation requires me to stop what I'm doing. Texting (which includes IMing) allows me to do my other things at the same time.



I fall into the 18-29 group, but for me, it's situational.

I text when riding in a vehicle, when others are asleep in the house, or between towers, but prefer to talk at other times, because it is just easier.

I also only talk while driving (if it is safe for me to pull off to the side), as texting and driving is illegal in this state for good reasons.



I prefer text when I have something small to say, and also it allows the recipient to not look at it RIGHT NOW and avoids me being disappointed when they don't answer their phone.  It's sorta like email except limited to 160 characters.


digital demon

35-year-old that can't stand talking on the phone. Texting is so much quicker and more convenient. I'll talk to someone all they want after I'm with them. A meeting that was arranged by text, of course!



I tend to text just because I don't talk on the phone in general.  I prefer using email for everything.  Talking on the phone loses too much information, as body language is more than 50% of our communication information.  Plus, it gives me time to compose the correct things to say rather than just the first thing off the top of my head.  For reference, I'm 38 and a software engineer.



I've never sent a text message in my life and I'm 21; shallow way of communication in my opinion.


I Jedi

I know I prefer texting over calling. I know I'm a young 22 year old man, so when I say that, it should come as no surprise to anyone; however, I always find it so awkward at the end of a phone conversation when I'm trying to hang up. Maybe that's just me, but it's always like, "Okay, goodbye... Bye... bye bye..."





I'm the exact opposite.  56 year old dude and absolutely hate texting.  It's slow, it's tedious and keeps one glued to a mobile device.

Much easier to call up and say, "Hey - want to meet for a beer after work?  Cool - see you at the usual place. Bye."  And then you get to actually SPEAK to people.

I think texting is very much a generational thing.  Would love to see some (accurate) stats on texting levels per age group.  Also broken down into male and female.  Seems like it's impossible to see a woman these days between the age of 14 and 29 without them glued to their phone, walking into walls, falling down stairs, driving their cars into fountains.  ;)


Coldrage soon as I say bye I just hang up.

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