Study: Teens Don't Spend Too Much Time Online



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The thing that pisses me off is that regulators are use-it-or-lose-it most of the time. I'd rather use the time that I have than be forced to stare at my desktop for two hours. I honestly think this has an effect on some teens and their ability to comply with school and other things when faced with one of these, since they'd rather use their time first, than do their homework since there's no chance of being able to browse later.

That's the way I feel about regulators anyways. I know if I had the ability to browse/play games any time I wanted, I'd feel far more compelled to get school work out of the way rather than procrastinate. 



There are a great many people from older generations who view computers as little more than "toys". I remember an elderly family member once referring to the internet as a "fad". Of course, this is to be expected. Many people fear new technology, and would rather shun than embrace anything as world-altering as the recent explosion of computer technology. In my opinion, very little time spent using a computer, including when chatting online or gaming, could be considered a "waste of time".

Of course, there is nothing more absurd than a kid who is an absolute expert at playing Guitar Hero, who at the same time cannot play a single note on a real guitar. Or kids who, instead of playing real sports and enjoying the physical benefits of doing so, would rather play sports video games, steadily becoming one of the alarmingly large number of obese children. These things are, of course, very negative.

To summarize, I believe that using a computer is a thing to be encouraged rather than discouraged; however, virtual reality should not replace real life.



Well theres alot of things that can effect teens, IMO, computers are a great positive effect on a teenagers social life, usually the gamers, because obviously your talking online with foreigners and people from different countrys and all kinds of languages are going around and information is being transferd. Im sure that there is a great deal that teenagers learn online that parents dont know about, good or bad. Also computers are obviously this worlds futures, and kids are taking advantage and learning them early in life making it possible for careers after college or any other kind of successor, which Im sure will increase more and more in the future.

On the other hand, theirs kids who dont play games, but rather use the computer for stuff like, software programming, editing, coding, and etc. Those IMO, have a negatve effect in some way, they still are learning things from reading online and stuff which helps in the education department, but they dont socialize as much. Many kids sort to eating massive quantities, staying up late, even on schools nights, not doing homework, doing drugs and playing games, or drinking alcohol. Thats the negative sde to this matter.

But really it depends on what kind of person you are. 



They could have given me part of $50 million dollars instead to tell them that. I might have even done it for only $10 million!


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