Study: Social Networking Teens More Likely to Smoke, Drink, Use Pot



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This is an incredibly skewed sense of cause and effect. For one thing, I don't believe at all that usage of Facebook, Twitter, etc., has anything to do with being "cool" and thus being introduced to drugs. At most schools, druggies (those with serious addiction issues) are the lowest of the low. While social networking is definitely a standard in 2011, it definitely does not introduce you to drug users. Think about it : if everybody, or most people, have an account, then your chances of meeting drug users online are pretty similar to the chances of meeting them in real life.

Also, using drugs probably cause you to make crappy decisions like "haha this is so f***in' funny, I'm gonna post in on Facebook!" Drugs cause picture posting, not the other way around. If you think about it, it doesn't really make sense the other way around unless you make a cycle of using drugs and posting pictures of using drugs.



Well, I'm honest .. I'm a great contributor of moral deficiency! Bedlam and brawls are coming to your neighborhoods! Yahoo! :p



The kids who aren't using social networking in 2011-- whether it be facebook, twitter, google+, or whatever-- don't have any real-life friends, thus, are not introduced to this like drugs or liquor.





you must live in the middle of nowhere. around here people do this weird and rare yet very satisfying thing called GOING OUTSIDE. people actually do a thing called walking, sports, and other outdoor activities. maybe you should tweet, facebook, google, or wiki some of these things im talking about and myabe some of your "friends" online may know or heard of something ive said. people that rely only on online "friends" are pretty pathetic. only reason i have a facebook is to keep up with all my friends ive meet stationed all around the world. if i want to talk to a real friend, i will hop into my car and go see them or give them a call. not everyone has their face shoved into a computer screen 24/7. that is all



Well said. 100 % agree.



Lemme know when kids start getting wrecked on PCP all the time. I don't want a bunch of hormonally charged kids who think they're invincible running around causing havoc. Anything less than that kinda sorta really falls on the parents.



I somewhat think the title is misleading. In fact, it should've been Smoking teens more likely to use social network.



YESSS!!!! My thoughts exactly.



NO!  Teens smoking, drinking and doing pot??  For real?  Well, that's it - the end of civilization as we know it.  :p



I NEVER would have guessed! 

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