Study Shows RTS Gaming Makes Seniors Sharper



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Check out Modern Senior Technology: They can be a great help to seniors.



Playing Rise of Nations with a joypad!? Blasphemy! :P



Old people are tax-gobbling coffin dodgers.


Talcum X

 And the rest of us....all too quickly.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



sorry but to me this doesnt really prove anything. the part where it says

"Half of the test group received 23.5 hours of training in the game, while the other half did not" 

gives it away. any one who has training on something 99.9% of the time is gonna be better at something then some one who doesnt have any training at all. so really this doesnt prove nothing. all it proves is that people with training do better then people with out


unless i missed something i think they didnt prove nothing but feel free to correct me if im wrong



Seems to me that everyone is totally missing the point. It has nothing to do with being better at the game. The game is just the tool they used in this study. In some other study they may use chess, logic games, whatever. BTW you shouldn't use double negatives in your sentences. Unless of course you are trying to say that they did prove something.



I really doubt the tests themselves involved Rise of Nations as that would be completely stupid and self defeating. Its common sense that if a person practices a specific thing alot, chances are they're going to be better at it than someone who doesn't.

 Its more likely they tested them on things that would involve skills picked up from playing an rts - "switching between tasks.... Working memory, short-term memory of visual cues, reasoning
abilities, and the ability to identify rotated objects"

 If you do logic puzzles every day you're likely to be better at solving logic problems in general than the average person who doesn't. That's not counting the fact some people just happen to be smarter than you or just have a natural gift for it.



 This pretty much confirms my believes, RTS games are an advanced form of chess, which is also good for the brain.





Now we wait for a new geriatric champ :D


JK, I love my grandparents, still trying to have them get used to using a computer for email

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