Study: Pro Computer Gamers as Fit as 60-Year-Old Chain Smokers



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 Flipping tv channels should be classified a sport.  Have you never tried to avoid commercials or watched two channels at once?  I get up to let the dog out every twenty minutes.  Does that qualify as exercise?

*** "Either we conform the Truth to our desires or we conform our desires to the Truth." ***



Many of your average-joe office workers spend 7-10 hours a day 'in front of a computer screen' and are in perfectly good shape.  Spending 10 hours sitting on your tukus in front of a screen does not obviate being in shape... if you get up after your 10 hours and go walk 5 miles, or hit the pool for 30 minutes, you will be in pretty good shape, all in all.

It's the fact that professional computer games, by-and-large, are not 'atheletes' in the classic sense that rubs people the wrong way about calling gaming a sport.  Well, take a look at the guts on some of those Major League Baseball players... many of them are in girdle-wearing territory.

I think that if you are doing something that is competitive, rule-based, and a game, that you can call it a sport, if you so choose.  That said, the day someone wins an Olympic Gold Medal for Counter Strike is the day I stop watching the Olympics.



As was already stated, if other 'acts of competition' can be called 'sports' (Poker, Pool, Darts, Etc) then so can gaming.

I think what's really being debated here is not, 'Can gaming be considered a sport?', but more, 'Can gamers be considered athletes?'.

You don't have to be a gamer to be a lump that never gets any exercise. In the case of gamers, it comes down to what you do outside of gaming. Even if you game 10 hours a day. I (as well as countless others) sit in front of a computer for my job 8+ hours a day. Get off your butt and do something physical and the stereotype need not apply to you.

Edit: P.S. Nice pool of subjects he's drawing his information from. He's basing his conclusions on one 'professional gamer'!? Again, you don't need to be a gamer to be out of shape. I've known many people who don't play video games who were in awful physical shape.



Is it gaming that causes them to get out of shape or is it the fact that they are out of shape that makes them play videogames? I would think it is the second one even without games they would still be out of shape they just found something that they can excel at despite their physical abilities. I mean if you can play football well then you are going to do that and try to make money.



well this isnt shocking at all. my buddies dont understand the importance of being in shape not only now but in the long run. both of my friends that come over pretty often play games all day and smoke once an hour, and get about 12 hours of sleep a day. it really sickens me to think of how badly in shape they are. its not about looking good, its about not dying at a young age lol. im just glad at anytime or day im capable of running 2 miles in less than 15 minutes. but of course that didnt happen overnight, i worked hard for it



I've been computer gaming for decades and have never once consider it a sport, entertainment yes.

" this is why computer gaming shouldn't be considered a sport."

The only people who call it a sport are those trying to make money off of it. Personally I think they are all a sack of misfits.   





Hey!!!   Whatcha got against 60 year old chain smokers?



"referring to a leading gamer in his twenties who appeared to be in good shape, at least physically" = Tom Taylor?



Solution? Go run a couple miles a day, and have great fitness AND great reflexes.



"Gaming shares some characteristics with sport because both are
competitive, skill-based and governed by structured rules," he said.
"But the main distinction which precludes gaming from being a sport is
the lack of physical exertion."

 Darts, Snooker, Pool all apparently are "sports". How are they any different?

I'm not proclaiming that gaming shouldd become a sport because of this, the oppositte in fact that those sports should be struck off from the "sport" register and go join needlecraft and knitting in the hobby section.



That picture is fantastic.



This probably isn't much of a surprise to anyone, though it seems possible that pro gaming would provide an easy outlet for a strong competetive spirit in someone unable to participate in traditional sports for whatever reason.If ever there were an inescapable stereotype, it would be the Mountain Dew-addled emaciated/obese basement dweller of a gamer, but I find it unlikely that such a phenomenon would cease to exist without gaming. As with so many of these studies, the issue of correlation vs.
causation is a thorny one.

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