Study: One in Ten People Can’t See 3D



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All the more reason to kill 3D now, before it wastes anymore peopls precious money.

Now where's that reasonably priced  55" LED that can stream straight from my internet connection?



I've got eccentric fixation which kills any 3d for me (can't do those magic eye things either)  Oddly enough (or I guess not so oddly now) two of my buddies can't see it either, so we rock Avatar the gool 'ol fashioned 2d way.  I don't get why they keep beating the dead horse, it should never make a come back.  On top of that it's a good excuse to charge you premium for '3d capable' tvs.



I see 3D just fine, but it's still not the wave of the future that everyone seems to be saying. After this current crop of 3D-bandwagon films goes by, it'll go right back to being a passing fad. It's not mainstream now, and it won't be in the near future either.



Yep, I'm in that 12 percent. No 3D for me. Hell, I barely passed the eye test at the DMV.

 Anyway, have fun buying a new 3D blu-ray player. I just got a regular one for $100. I can see HD. 


SPAM filter?



i wonder what will happen to the 3D market now, considering that 1 in 10 people definetly won't give a shit about it, regardless of the people that already don't care for it, and what other visual technologies won't these 1 in 10 be able to use effectively?



I'm legally blind in my right eye, soooo yeah, it never works, lol 



Found out around 10 years ago when I went for an eye exam.  Said my lazy eye only allows me to focus through one eye at a time therefore I am screwed in the 3d dept.  Saves me a hell of a lot of money though ;)



I'm blind (or very nearly so) in my left eye, so this 3D stiff would do me absolutely no good. At a minimum there needs to be a way to turn it off for people who lack stereopsis (depth perception). Mostly I think this is all marketing gimmick designed to sell more TV's . . .



I can't see true 3D due to wearing glasses. See blurry 3D, or see a distorted, but clear movie. 



Many 3D Glasses fit right over your own glasses. I wear glasses myself and have no problem at the theaters.

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