Study: Microsoft's IE 9 Browser Tops at Blocking Socially Engineered Malware



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I am the only technical person I know who is a die hard IE fan. I have always used IE because unlike all these "also rans" that keep popping up it truly works. It works with all sites, all the time. No other browser can claim that. Whenever one of my friends is having an issue I have them use IE. Every time that solves the issue. Then they proceed to blame the site and say IE is bad. I really wish the IE bashing would stop.



Except if the webmaster is specifically looking for Internet Explorer and then doesn't display the page telling you "You should dump IE for [insert favorite browser of choice]"

But then again you shouldn't be giving that website any of your time, because that webmaster isn't worth his or her salt.



I use Firefox with NoScript, AdBlock and WOT and I haven't fallen prey to any internet tomfoolery in a long time. Good for IE, but I'm not leaving my fox with all of it's great add-ons.



What I find interesting is the movement of scores in this test by NSS compared to last round ( You really have to hand it to Microsoft here.

IE has had near vertical growth in this metric. Chrome slid a bit but Safari and Firefox plummeted. Opera creeped up a bit but remains so far behind you need a telescope to see it.


99.0% - IE9
69.0% - IE8 RC
04.0% - IE7

13.2% - Chrome 12
16.0% - Chrome 1.0.154

07.6% - Safari 5
24.0% - Safari 3.2

07.6% - Firefox 4
30.0% - Firefox 3.0.7 

06.1% - Opera 11
05.0% - Opera 9.64

Love them or hate them, you have to admit that Microsoft has really stepped up to the plate on security. This is only one aspect, but look at the slate of articles that seem to be coming out daily. Windows 7 (, IE (this article and the one I referenced above), Microsoft Security Essentials (

So, Justin Long (and Steve Jobs for that matter) can finally just shut the eff up.



And the very second you enable "compatibility view" while also allowing Active-X it gets all holey like swiss cheese.

Sorry IE... you wont be relevant until you stop enabling non-standard code to run still.



Umm... The only reason you would ever enable "compatibility mode" or "active-x" is because the website you're viewing doesn't work in browsers which can't run said "non-standard" code, which is every browser except for IE6/IE7/IE8.

IE9 is equal, and often better, than other browsers at running standards compliant code. It just also provides true backwards compatibility for websites which were written before those standards and have no plans to update. What the hell is wrong with that? 



I run FireChorme with the Web Of Trust extension (which does basically the same thing as IE9's new antiSEM features). So if you do use ChormeFox then you can also have the same amount of protection, it's just not natively supported like it is in IE9.



Only problem with this report, it does not take into account that Windows XP is still very prevalent (especially in the enterprise) and IE 9 is not compatible with WIn XP.



I fail to see how this affects the results of these tests.


Holly Golightly

I will start using Internet Explorer when it starts natively support extensions I like. Extensions like AdBlock and NetScape skin. But none the less, I am glad Internet Explorer is more secure now... Because it came from a very bad history of security loopholes back in the XP days.

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