Study: Majority of Internet Users Pony Up for Online Content



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I kind of agree with the sample size: it is too small. But, I bet that if a larger sample was taken, say on the next Census perhaps or by the big survey companies *WITHOUT GETTING PAID BY THE ____AA's*, the number of people who buy online content would probably hover at (or above) 65%--MORE than the RIAA and MPAA would like to claim it to be. If you had these two handling the surveys, there would definitely be some number manipulation going on in the background, because they want everyone to believe more people steal content than buy content. I'm not saying that piracy is nonexistent--it is FAR from that--but it gets OVER-exaggerated by these whiny-baby organizations. They'd love nothing more than to say .05% buy content rather than take for free.



755 users is not a good enough sample size to even consider this an acurate report. The internet has millions of users, 755 of them can not account for the actions of millions. If this were more towards the hundred thousands, maybe it would be more plausable a sample size. Heck, even just 50k would be fine. But 755? Go back out there and get more information.



Wow.  How did they ever find a place to store all that data!

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