Study: Majority of American Adults Believe Videogames Cause Violence



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You want violence fire up some of those old NES games. Those will make you throw a controller at a wall real quick. YAY! Put all kids in a bubble so when they face a real world problem they will break down and fail miserably.



I'm a father of 3 and I let my kids to play any video game they want violent or not.  It is may job as a parent to let my kids know the consquences if they go out and steal a car (Grand Theft Auto), beat someone with a bat (GTA), pile drive some(WWe) or shoot someone (FPS).  I played Mortal Kombat growing up and I didn't grow up killing anybody.  Parents now-a-days are looking for the easiest way out...STOP BEING LAZY!!!!!....educate your kids.  Don't blame the video games, because if you were to take a few minutes to let your kids know what would happen if they went out and did those things they wouldn't...I did.



This is why I drive 180 in the interstate after playing need for speed.

It also explains why I'm always trying to conquer asia after playing Civ V.

Probably also explains why I jump on top of turtles every time I see them.


Who did they survey 1000 Sarah Palin supporters?



"If kids who play violent video games grow up to kill people, then kids
who play sports video games must grow up to be athletic legends, right?
Screw practice, let’s buy the football team another copy of Madden."

I saw this quote on a similar post and thought they made a valid point.



Not a real great analogy.  Football teams spend tons of hours watching gameplay footage, both their own and other teams.  If the AI provides a decent representation of the team and their competition, videogames would be a useful training tool.



The whole reason why I play these violent games is so I won't go out and bludgeon someone to death with a poodle.  It's my "release".



If anything, video games are an essential outlet in today's society. I would imagine actual violence would go up significantly if people didn't have some kind of way to act on their feelings without actually hurting someone (much like hitting a punching bag after a frustrating day at work).


The only reason for a few exceptional cases (idiots shooting guns on a freeway in the US said they got it from GTA) is because parents don't know how to raise their kids, or simply don't want to. M is clearly defined as a rating for 18+ year olds, so instead of letting your 9 year old kid play GTA or Kane and Lynch, why don't you work on establishing some moral ground rules so he actually KNOWS the difference between RIGHT and WRONG.


Idiots. The lot of them



I'm 54 years old and not only own a PC and XBOX, but have been playing FPS's including GTA4, COD and so many other violent games it's not funny and you don't see me running around with a AK-47 or a RPG, do ya?, no and you know why?, cause I'm a adult and have enough sense to know the difference between fantasy and real life and it always seems that there are always going to be these so called studies that want to blame the issues with society on video games and not the mental health of some crack pot who doesn't know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground.

If you want a pole, take a pole of the poor bastard's dieing in Afghanistan who think they are being killed by some 29 year old Afghan who played too much GTA4 and then decided to take his or her frustrations out on whoever, now that would be a survey.



So video games are the root cause of violence, but the people who think so have taken it upon themselves to attack games by getting new laws passed, hiring lawyers to sue companies, setting up rigged and questionable studies, and chastizing people about their entertainment choices...

Yeah, sounds like the kettle calling the pot black.



It doesn't make me feel like wanting to go and blast someone on the street to see how far they will fly with a shotgun point blank (Mythbuster proved it to me already). Only thing it does is get me ready for the day zombie and mythical creature comes to destroy our world. I now am stocking up on crap load of ammo and guns. Always be prepared is the Boy Scout motto.



Gotta be ready for those Aliens.

I have been playing 'violent' video games for all of my adult life, and a good portion of my childhood.  I have never shot, stabbed or beaten anyone in real life.  I have never killed a person with an exploding barrel, nor have I ever taken off someone's head with an ax, outside of Left for Dead 2.  I am a productive (if vociferous) member of society who understands right from wrong, and grey from black and white.  Video games are here to stay, and violent vids are here to stay.



Well that's just silly.  We all know that the major cause of violence is religion.  I'm only 1/2 kidding...

Regardless, violence predates video games by thousands of years.  People have a horrendous sense of history.  Rather than analyzing complex systems to explain a phenomenon, they reach for whatever is within their vicinity.  It's simply simple-mindedness that leads to these idiotic opinions.  Video games may contribute to certain violent memes, but those ideas were not created by video games.  Violent video games are only the product of such attitudes.

It's always something: literature, music, tv, movies or video games.  No matter what media we consume, there are always going to be people that want to blame it for the downfall of society.  And strangely enough those people tend to base their morals on a religious book filled with violence and vengeful gods.  I wonder if there's a connection there...



Pardon me, but your ignorance is showing, no true connection established.  Those in the know understand that " God is love."  

John 3:16 "For God so loves the world that he gave his only begotten son (Jesus) that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (with Him)", an offer freely given.

You are correct, however, that violence has existed from the beginning of mankind and continues today, needing no influence of any kind.  It is our very nature.

If permitted to be such the Bible can be a positive influence on society, but it's message is more likely to be abused, misused, and misunderstood.

Just sayin'.



To say that religious beliefs have not caused or driven conflicts that have led to undue pain and suffering of the masses is overwhelmingly ignorant, and, as such, ignores the facts of history.  Before you start spouting some Glen Beck crap at me, please note the list of major wars which are commonly accepted to have been 'religious wars' by historians and even by members of the church:

  • The Crusades (all of them)
  • The French Wars of Religion (hence the name)
  • The Thirty Years War
  • The Taiping Rebellion
  • Any Jihad (that is the definition of a Jihad... 'Holy War')

So, assuming you just have 6 tons of religiously-indignant cotton in your ears, and that you aren't some troll I'm feeding, please check your history.  You may also want to re-read the comment you originally posted on... he said "religion", not "Christianity", so was commenting on all faiths in general, not just yours.

Religion has the power to empower people and love can and is a part of that power.  However, any power can just as easily be used to cause death and destruction - moreso if the people involved don't read their damn history. I will not reply to any further comments in this thread, as the evidence speaks for itself. Peace (really).



I beg your pardon.  Sadly you make my very point for me.  The one historical fact I refer to, and it's rationale, Christ's sacrificial death, you overlook.  Man has been making errors in judgement in the name of "religion" just as you say, but you are missing the other side of that coin, that God does not make errors and seeks what is best for man.

By the way, the original poster was referring to the Bible from whence comes my scripture.

No, I'm not a troll.  I've posted on this site long before you showed.

Peace to you too.


Zachary K.

it's true! did you know hitler played GTA? or that the civil war was inspired by empire:total war? the person who started WWI played assassins creed! video games caused people to be violent! 



This guy seems legit.  We should stop Film productions as well.



Even if a high-quality, large-sample survey showed the same results, what is the surprise? Older people have less first-hand experience with videogames than younger people, and this discrepancy is on display in the poll results.

The MOST IMPORTANT idea to take away from this is: Older citizens always vote! Younger citizens only have their own lazy, non-voting asses to blame when laws are enacted due to the ignorance or unfounded fears of older voters!



seriously? you know...between maxPC, ign, and mega games, i see a new study ever month or so about how games are either good, or bad. it doesn't even matter anymore. the fact is, one study says games are super. the other says they are horrific. thing is...we are gonna play them anyways. i don't mean to dismiss this subject...but c'mon. lol



i can't read japanese fully, but from the few kanji my chinese background allowed me to read.... is this an ads in japanese?!?! some kind of healthy boot or feet thing?



Yep spamming for shoes in Japanese.



aaronj hit the nail on the head.

Most statistics are of dubious value, yet so many seem to take them at face value that it makes me shake my head in disbelief. No seems to care who sponsored the study. How was the study structured. What were the paramatures for selecting subjects.

You can make all most any statment sound plausible if it follows "xx% of....".

But I have a slightly different take on this subject. Why do so many people believe that all of a sudden we have this major "violence" problem, and we need to find the source? I'm sad to say that the majority of the things that plague the human race aren't new, nor have we had a sudden explosion of these problems.

I remember a T.V. special I saw a fair number of years ago, at least 20, maybe 30. It asked a interesting question "Are we seeing a rise in violence?" It used a "town hall" type format, and posed a number of questions on the subject to the studio audience. Then the host would quote the latest law enforcement data to see if it reinforced the studio audience's over all opinion or not. Most times it didn't. The show showed that except for a few categories, like child and spousal abuse, that there had been a decrease in violence. As for the child/spousal abuse it's rise might of been due to under reporting in the past. But all most every one in the audience felt it was getting worse. Funny huh?

So why do people think there's so much violence?

Watch any news program and you'll have your answer. Something involving violence happens and you know about it. Often as it's happening. Then it's disected over and over again by so many different programs that at the end of the day it's hard not to think we live in overly violent times.



The numbers and questions that the article referred to are really ambiguous, and the sampling could have easily been hand-picked numbers, massaged to say anything. In short, a worthless survey.

Demographics? 1000 people from where? Here are some possibilities...

1-Grandparents who do not own a computer or gaming console walking into a Walmart or Costco on Sunday morning prior to attending church in Oregon. >> Many of these same people believe that you will "catch a cold" by being in a chilled environmnet, for example.

2-Early 20-somethings in college leaving a Starbucks, laptop in one hand, machiato(sp) in the other, in New York, prior to going to school on a weekday, after playing several hours of WOW on the weekend? How would you expect them to respond?

From this, I will bet the numbers pan out very differently, and both sets are quantity 1000 and legal adults by age. It depends on who you ask...

There are many threads back on the initial referring page that punch holes in the survey, as pointlessly invalid.


Here's an interesting question/request: Create a survey that asks if surveys, in general, are possibily scientific and data driven, as opposed to politically, propaganda, directed questioning, and agenda driven.

A paradox, perhaps?



Is this really surprising when the majority of Americans believe that, three days after being buried, Jesus rose bodily into heaven?  Or that the dead rose out of their graves afterward (Matthew 27:51-53)?

Clearly, reason and evidence carry no weight so let's go ahead and vilify videogames.

Let's see how long this post remains.  Meanwhile, the spam ads sit untouched.



let's face it, our society needs a scapegoat, and it's just videogame's turn. there was movie, there was heavy metal, there was the communist.... people just need somethign they dont' understand to blame everything on.

what's that? child obesity? Video game!

what's that? Shooting? Video game!

bullying? Video game!

Hate crime? Video game!


dont' you just love the way our society solve problems? :)



That's first thing I though: a scapegoat of sorts this is. The problem is the folks seem to ignore the fact that video games isn't only where the violence is. I remember seeing stuff on tv being worse than what gaming has introduced. Most of the ideas that gaming has introduced isn't even new anyway: we've seen in some other media.



Video games are just sitting ducks on shelves and people do the violence. If they think video games are bad, what do they gotta say about cigarettes. 






I think our freeways are more of a cause than video games...

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