Study Links Facebook Use With Lower GPAs



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The average non-facebook user has a GPA between 3.5 and 4.0? A better conclusion from this study is that grade inflation is rampant at Ohio State. This junk science reminds me of the original landmark study "proving" a link between television violence and violent behavior. They showed kids a video of an inflatable clown being punched and then put the kids in the room with an inflatable clown. Guess what? Kids punched the inflatable clown. (Cue the boxing the clown jokes). Immediately after this study came out, they censored every Bugs Bunny / Road Runner cartoon. Then there was the study that linked violent video game to real-life violence. They had two guys face off on a video game and then the winner subjected the loser to a painful penalty by having the loser hold their hands in cold water. Shockingly enough, the winner did make the loser suffer. Well, when i was kid we used to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and the guy who lost would get a two-fingered swat from the winner - we did our best to cause as much pain as possible too.



Stop the hype, and stop posting such piss-poor research.  The size of the sample was 219 (at one university), out of 200 million. Seriously, MaxPC, don't encourage this abuse of the scientific method.

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