Study: Just One in Five Mobile Phone Owners Use Mobile Internet Every Day



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Interesting results which match (in total) with another survey I've recently seen for Germany & UK (see below).

However, what is even more important (at least from a marketeers & developers PoV) is what different user groups are in existence, how these groups can be found and (maybe the most important thing) how the user groups differ.

Have a look for yourself:

Mobile & Attitudes Study




Phones have such awful battery life for some reason.  I could do all sorts of things with my phone, but I really need it for texts, emails, and phone calls and the last thing I need is for some other app to suck up the battery.  My iPod touch does all the musicy facebookey stuff so my phone can.. be a phone.  I save a lot of money on data plans this way, as well.  WiFi is everywhere.



Why do you guys continue to post survey results that are so skewd?  Who calls 4375 people a valid survey.  What is the actuall number of smart phones with web access? In the US its something like 42.7 million!!!  How can this be a vaild survey, so out of 42.7 million users we polled 4375, that comes out to .010% of the actual users.  Survey Fail!!!!!



Survey's don't have to be in the millions to be valid you know.

In fact, 4,375 is quite a lot for a survey.

What is skewed is your trying to trample over perfectally valid results.



Double post, sorry.

There really needs to be some way to delete and/or review posts (possibly with a spell checker) before sending them to the server.



why should they?  I have unlimited internet in my phone, that doesn't mean that I should use it all the time. It's there when I need it, that's all that I want it for.  I have a TV, I don't turn it on every day.



What gives? Ultra crappy pricing ratios, that's what gives! Home internet users would be 1 in 5 as well if, say, Comcast had pricing tiers like Verizon or AT&T. Cell carriers are still charging per MB, when they should be charging per GB. There is no real competition between carriers is another problem. They all have to similar priceing plans for their internet which leads me to believe they are all in cahoots. Unlimited internat is on it's way out when it should be a standard. Companies are increasing the speed of thier networks, which is great, but they need to up the cpacity as well so they can stop crying about how thier networks are overloaded and they can't afford to offer unlimited access to smartphone users (who by the way make up a tiny percentage of overall cell users in the first place!) Ok, rant over.


Fecal Face

My parents always told me I was one in a million, but I guess I'm just one in five. :(



Sometimes I'm 2-in-1, but that's only when I stop my meds.

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